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Revoked Memberships

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—————————————————— Community Announcement ——————————————————


Some of you returning may be wondering where your ranks, authorizations, hours, or balances have gone - if you were not around the community in December and on up until the point of late February, we gave everyone an adequate chance to reach out and let us know what they were doing. Those who didn't do anything of such were assumed to have left the community or (were obviously) seen playing somewhere else and presumed gone somewhere else. If you fell under this category, you had hours/balances reset or subtracted to allow others who were around to actively display on leader boards OR had your membership downgraded and in some cases removed entirely.

All former members will need to re-apply, regardless of former membership/position in community or department. The community has gone through several changes, and in order to ensure all of those coming and involved are up to date, re-applying is the only way to ensure we all know the guidelines, policies, regulations, and procedures.

If you were caught in communities or associating with those who have stolen assets or actively doing so now you were removed and in some cases banned. There is no appeal for those banned under this premise.

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