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Support Ticketing System

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—————————————————— Community Announcement ——————————————————

We are going to be introducing a ticketing system into the community. This system is going to allow us to track in a formal way how and what Administrators are doing with reports, appeals, and complaints. This will also allow us to track and further see how situations are being dealt with overall and to eliminate any form of bias in how a decision is made.

We currently track the following with the support systems:
- Administrator Reports
- Player Reports
- Bug/Cheat Reporting, Hacks/Exploits Reporting
- m9Networks - Of which is the company behind our web services provided. This is a support for things regarding our website and issues experienced with it.


Please either click on the HSG Government button in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or click here.



Once you have landed on the following page, click on the highlighted corresponding box to open up, the following box will open up



Please use the drop down department box to browse and find which department your ticket appropriately fits.

Spamming the support system will result in a infraction and/or restriction from using the system. Continued abuse or finding ways to circumvent these restrictions will result in further reprimand.

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