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    1. Genovese
    2. chnnls823


      Hey Wolf!  Been awhile, finally got my pc upgraded. Thinking of making a return

  1. just stopping by letting you know I'm still around. And just wanted to say what's up

  2. You're Awesome ^.^ :P

  3. Hey bud! Glad to see you around on the Web :)

  4. As a friend it was nice playing with you on Highspeed, I look forward to seeing you again in the future but it is still sad to see that you have left. You have put in a lot of time and effort to keeping the server running and I am sure we all appreciate that. Have a good adventure bud!

    1. Hiriko37


      I left for many reasons. Plus now since I have a job now and I'm not stressed out as much anymore. Also, there are other games that are are coming out that I want to play instead of playing FiveM all the time.

  5. I had enough of people Impersonate me. If you are part of Sammy Bryant friends then don't stoop so low to impersonate someone it makes you look stupid.

  6. Please stop submitting in Application for the State Police. We are in a middle of restoring people tags that was lost during the rollbacked. I kindly going to ask the next time I see another application for state police I'm going to denied it.

  7. I'm sorry to say this. Due to the Roll back which reset player ranks,money and hours I have decided to close the application process until we can get everything fix atm. Please be patience and listem for an update from the director about the recent roll back.

  8. Guy's we are aware of the missing tags in-game. There was a roll back that made everyone ranks reset. We are working on fixing it right now so please be patient.

    1. DiMeHawkz


      I Hope they fix it i want my hours and rank back ! :(

    2. Grapedactyl


      We appreciate the hard work, keep us posted! :)

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