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  1. Still one of the best scenes I've ever been in.
  2. AustinoInc

    The Fleet

    It's not often that the Sandy Shores Fire Station gets this busy, but a briefing was called. Here you can see almost every vehicle that the Blaine County Fire and Rescue Department own!
  3. AustinoInc


    An Army of MTL Flatbed's got dispatched to a large cleanup operation in Paleto Bay.
  4. AustinoInc


    The Paleto Bay Police inpound lot is also full of illegal vehicles!
  5. AustinoInc

    Maximum Security

    The S.A.S.P.A cuts no corners when dealing with these convicted criminals.
  6. The San Andreas State Prison Authority has a wide range of Vehicles at their disposal. This Rumpo transports Prisoners and also is a nice Patrol Vehicle too.
  7. AustinoInc

    Gate Guard

    This amazing 2014 Dodge Charger with an all-red lighting package is tasked with ensuring that the gate into Boilingbroke is kept safe, and it does it in style too.
  8. AustinoInc


    A Large Metropolitan Substation in East Vinewood is always staffed, and ready to deal with anything they get called in for.
  9. AustinoInc

    Power of Coffee

    Coffee really does power the workforce at the Los Santos Department of Water & Power.
  10. AustinoInc

    Coffee Line

    Engineers are always civil when waiting to get their next fix.
  11. AustinoInc

    Wake 'cup!

    Sponsored by Bean Machine.
  12. AustinoInc

    Drinking Tinkers

    Got no calls? No required work? Want to chat? Then get a cup of Bean Machine!
  13. AustinoInc

    Seaside Snow

    William goes out for a fishing sail on a ranted Motor-Yacht which he got from the Vespucci Canals. Little did he know, the weather was going to get very... very rough. This picture was taken just as snow started to fall, before the storm.
  14. AustinoInc

    Water & Power

    Do you ever think: "How does my Water get here?" or "Where does my sewage go?" The answer is that the Los Santos Department of Water & Power! These guys work around the clock to ensure you have clean drinking water, and a sewage free enviroment. In this picture, you can see a plant worker taking a rare break for this photograph. Phtographed: Land Act Dam
  15. AustinoInc


    Invaders kept trying to breach into Garret's house, his Dad was out so the only defense measure was a display Musket.
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