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  1. Vixen

    Rescue-involved MVC

    SanFire engine companies had to respond to a distress signal from a Rescue apparatus that had been involved in a single-vehicle car v. tree collision along Route 15. The resource was returning to quarters when the driver suddenly became lightheaded and lost control of the vehicle. The Firefighter was treated and transported, and currently is in stable condition.
  2. Engine and Rescue resources arrive on scene of a single-story structure fire in Harmony, along Route 68. Crews quickly arrange the engine for an attack to minimize the risk and danger to the public and neighboring businesses.
  3. Vixen

    Make Visuals Great Again

    It looks like it, but it's actually the state-wide skin (it just looks very similar to the Los Santos skin). Pole would crucify me if I got the skin wrong lol :P
  4. Vixen

    Make Visuals Great Again

    So I just installed 'Make Visuals Great Again' onto FiveM. Oh my god, it looks beautiful...
  5. Vixen

    Firefighter down!

    A crew member of the San Andreas Fire Department found himself in need of medical treatment by the San Andreas Medical Response team after suffering injuries while fighting an apartment complex fire.
  6. Vixen

    Del Perro Fire Station

    Chillin' at the Del Perro Fire Station with Chief Pole_Ice, and volunteer SmokinMonk, a Lieutenant of the Police Department.
  7. Vixen

    Cops chillin'

    Cops just chilling at the FD station. They may or may not have arrested me soon thereafter, but that's a story for another time.
  8. Cop'ers standing back having a smoke while the real heroes of the Fire Department get to work.
  9. Vixen

    BCSO - Sunset

    This looks sweet man.
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