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  1. Romaine Brooks


    Hey, that's me. I didn't know you guys even had this. Felt like it was a good call, so I hope you guys enjoyed it.
  2. As of this moment and proceeding forward, any person who has interest in becoming a resident, or member as it is commonly referred to, must do so by going through the passport office in order to gain citizenship. With that in mind, departments such as the San Andreas State Police, SanFire, SanTrans, etc., can no longer issue residency through their own application processes. This decision comes after several complaints from current members and staff regarding players abusing 'easier' application processes to get membership easily, but not perform the duties required of them after gaining membership. For more information on how to become a Resident, please click here.
    The new SMRE Thruster Pilot Program is going well. I am not allowed to release any further details.
  3. Romaine Brooks

    Traffic stop

    I like being a patrol officer. Issa fun.
    I rated this one star for various reasons. Let me list them out below; - Where are the pool cues? - Where are the balls? - Who the hell goes to a club and lays on the nasty ass couch where several people have likely gotten it on and brings their laptop? - How did the guy wearing a plain white shirt get into the club??? - There is a bald man in this photo. - You map is clipping into the location display. - No one has a drink in their hand. - Two people are wearing sunglasses inside. Douchebags. - The woman in the fore-front of the photo is showing too much shoulder. THIS IS A CHRISTIAN SERVER. - I wasn't invited. I hope you can take this review with a grain of salt and correct what I have pointed out. Thank you for reading.
    Much hunting, very wet, such wow.
    10/10, would get stung by a be again.
    I'm going to be doing this more frequently. Members need to represent the server better. Having small meetings like this to remind everyone is good for morale. Excellent screenshot.
  4. Romaine Brooks

    Closed Due To Flood

    It's "equipment" by the way. Saw the struggle lol. @Street
  5. Everyone,

    As of now, we are no longer enforcing the "Firstname_Lastname" rule on players. We appreciate those who have realistic names and encourage you to keep them. However, it is no longer required by rules. Thank you!

    1. m9Networks


      Anyone who has a problem with a rule like this has a problem with Roleplay. Well done those few members who bitched about this so much that it got removed, you are the reason for cancer in the server. 

  6. So, who is down for a community meeting? I was thinking Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at approximately 1200 PST. What are your thoughts? I'd like to know before I make an official post.

    1. Pole_Ice


      I would like also to apologize for the before mentioned. Some issues have arise with the FD sometimes not taking RP into priority and this may be from newer members sometimes not knowing that it would be best to Prioritize an RP over a Scripted fire.

    2. Prospect
  7. Dear all,

    I'd like to take a moment and thank @Jay Walker and @Junkozane for doing so much to maintain the server when our script was completely failing after the move over to the new server client. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and you will be rewarded for these actions!

    There were quite a few other admins who are worth mention such as @Jay Davidson , @W. Mark (MAGWolf). I appreciate each and every one of you. @Prospect and @Sithis and @Bxbugs123 has put in a great amount of work and has worked tirelessly in order to fix the server and it is almost restored to its former glory. As for the rest of the staff team, I appreciate all of your efforts! Keep up the incredible work!

    Romaine Brooks
    Server Director, HighSpeed-Gaming

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    2. Genovese
    3. Junkozane


      Thank you very much ^-^

    4. Romaine Brooks

      Romaine Brooks

      @D. Genovese I was unaware of that. Nevertheless, I did make a point to thank all staff members for doing what they do.

  8. It is clear that people want change here and more development. We stand with an admin team of approximately 15, but some are not ever present due to real life and we have one single developer. Work with us on this as it is not the easiest of roads, and please be considerate and understanding to the situation. We are doing this in our free time and have careers and lives outside of this.

  9. It's up to him what he wants to put on his vehicles. If you don't like it, don't download it. Insulting him asking "if he's dumb" is not appropriate and I will not tolerate it here. You were not "trying to help him." You were insulting his intelligence.
  10. I'm fairly certain my new profile photo shows an accurate reflection of myself everytime I join the server and watch the unsupervised chaos unfold.

  11. Changes will be coming about! Give your input here!

  12. Romaine Brooks

    Suspicious BMA

    Two Gang Officers stop a suspicious BMA after responding to the area of Grove Street for reports of shots fired.
  13. Romaine Brooks


    It's official. Undercover racist.
  14. Romaine Brooks


    Watching pros.
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