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  1. "Things you've done in the server, role-plays you've forced on to certain people are beyond disturbing." Please explain?  Also I included every detail in the conversation. Can you come on teamspeak, me and a group of members would like to speak of you. Secondly, I changed? I changed ever since the new members of administration have been out to get me. I tried contacting you and Bugs regarding this, but as always I was ignored, I even attempted contacting you on the platforms. I was ignored and told "You would get back to me." What am I supposed to do? I tried doing the correct thing prior to things escalated, and I get ignored. This is the only way people pay attention to what I have to say is when I make this all public. I understand you're a busy person, but when I havea problem with staff, and I try contacting the people in charge of staff, and they don't even help I begin to feel helpless. Aside from that, I'm past the whole reason I was suspended. I can care less on as why I was suspended anymore. I'm now angered on Dents response, I've tried to remain as professional as possible in that conversation, Sgt. Richardson even admitted to a mistake, and lifted my suspension until Dent took it into personal matters, and kept me suspended. This RP scenario wasn't even supposed to even turn into a suspension. Chris Cazz, the Trooper who assisted me on the scene, admitted to me via teamspeak, that he was joking when he gave his statement, and that he didn't realize it would lead up to a suspension, and the suspect in the scenario also contacted me saying that this wasn't supposed to extend into an out of RP situation, and spoke on my behalf to my Sergeant. We all get a little unprofessional in RP's all the time, but of course since its me and me only this had to extend into a full report and get me suspended. Maybe I could have been professional, but so could have Dent. Whenever I have a problem with someone in this community either no one cares or "I'm in the wrong" when someone has a problem with me, its a demotion, or a disciplinary action taken against me without chance to even defend myself. But this time I'm not alone, multiple community members thatI've shared this information feel the same as me, they feel Dent's response is completely ridiculous and that he was rude. And Once again I didn't leave any details out. That is the entire conversation. I was also told to demand a disciplinary hearing, and Dent said " We don't do those". I we don't do disciplinary hearings, how are we supposed to expect for anything to get resolved? Therefore I'm stuck feeling helpless and feel like I have no choice but to make this a public matter. I was wrongfully terminated because I did not violate my suspension, I didn't go on duty as police once today. This whole situation is ridiculous. Me and a large majority of community members have requested Dent be removed from his position, and replaced by someone more fit. Romaine, I have nothing personal against you. I am just upset with how I've been treated previously. This community has left me out to dry after I was demoted.

    1. Romaine Brooks

      Romaine Brooks

      Just like you, I work. I have a life outside of the video game. Remember when you told me that? I cannot get on TS to have a discussion with you because I am at work. This entire situation has been blown out of control by you in the matter of mere hours, the entire time I have been at work. As for passed issues, I have pulled aside the admin in question regarding it and talked to him about it. However, you're known to all admins as a frequent issue with your constant disregard to rules. Along with that, the allegation I mentioned is regarding a rape that occured on duty. It's an allegation, but that alone disgusted me that someone would even accuse you of such a thing. And, the excuse of "we all do this or that" is different for you because you're constantly doing something you should not and I'm always the one sticking up for you. The problem is that things happen behind the scenes that you're not always aware of for one reason or another, usually because I'm so busy dealing with various things that I forget to get back to you about the outcomes. This time, you went too far with your response and I can no longer defend you.

      Dent will not be removed. I needed someone who would hold this place together after Monk left, who people also wanted gone because of how strict he was. I'm tired of going in circles with this. If you don't like it, don't be a member of the state police. It's quite simple. Other departments will be emerging soon and there will be other options soon.

      Also, please stop using my name as if I'm your savior. I am happy to be the voice of reason in any situation, but you seem to always make the matter worst, then state that you're going to go to me.

    2. A. Scartello | SneakieFox

      A. Scartello | SneakieFox

      Well when I have an issue with Staff, I can't go to another member of Staff who literally has the same power or less, so my only result is to go to you or Bugs. I wasn't the one who egged monk to leave, I was honestly quite satisfied with Monk here, yes he was strict but he had a sense of dignity. Also I don't recall being involved in any rape on duty.. The only one I recall was when I kidnapped and forced to remove my characters clothing. Other than that I had no involvement in any "On duty rape". Thats another thing there been a lot of false reports against me, or some reports that are simply just exaggerated. Everyone is against Sneakie. Idek anymore... whatever. No matter what, its not gonna change anything. I'll save everyone the trouble and just stop coming on. Sorry for the problems :/

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