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  1. JR

    Thunder K9

    O my gosh ?????
  2. hey man can you help me 


  3. @Squareheaddude
  4. I'm planning on taking a vacation from April 15-25th. I will be inactive for most of those days, I will have my laptop will be so someday nights I might pop in for an hour or 2. But for the most part, I'm going to be inactive, until I return.

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    2. Chris Cazz

      Chris Cazz

      have a good break buddy 

    3. Rxdwood


      see you when you get back my guy

    4. MLRReaper16v2


      See ya when you get back bud

  5. 911 caller "There is a tank out front of the BSCO" from left to right: @Coderedpl @DeliriousX @L.Hoffman
  6. JR


    This actually wasn't a pursuit.#FakeNews. There was a call for an armed robbery, police showed up and detained 1 male on the scene, later after investigation released him, since the call was a hoax and there was no armed robbery. The male was just getting gas at the pumps when the police arrived.
  7. Sina

    Hey Jason you told me to contact you regarding the civiliian app. I haven't been on recently as I was waiting for the application to be accepted. However, I will be on tonight for a long time.

  8. Oooooooops, That's one way to end a pursuit.


  9. Hope everyone is having an awesome Labor Day - I'm currently up in Portland, Maine for a photography shoot. Lots of lighthouses ;)


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