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  1. Being a Director comes with a lot of responsibility in which some admins may not be able to handle. Bugs and Romaine built this community off of friendship and wasn't expecting to create a community this big. Romaine getting his previous position back would be beneficial to the community as well. Furthermore, members just don't know what Romaine has accomplished for Highspeed-Gaming in the years of his service. I would also like for you to list a couple of admins that you think will be fit for the Director position. Also, when it comes to friendship, you're going to have some sort of favoritism.....especially between Bugs and Romaine, nothing will stop that bond.
  2. As of 16:35:58 PM (Eastern Standard Time), Lieutenant A. Cortez has resigned from San Andreas State Police and SMRE. He will be missed dearly!

  3. If you haven't already joined the HSG discord, please look inside the teamspeak and get the link from there. Some other admins and I have been posting updates and would like everyone to know about them. Thanks!

  4. Work, Work, Work. That's all I wanted to say folks. Have a good one!

  5. If everyone haven't noticed yet, the department supervisors are very busy with department changes. Please bare with us as these changes are being worked out. We have a lot on our plate and hope to get everything together pretty soon! Sorry we're not really answering questions about what's going on with the department, we would rather tell everyone ALL at once and I think the website is the best location to do so. Thanks for reading this and hope you understand.

  6. Going to try and help alot of cops out here. Been getting ALOT of reports about cops and their behavior. Expect me to ride around with alot of officers here lately to review them and make sure that they are doing what they are suppose to.

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