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Earl Burnett

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  1. Being a Director comes with a lot of responsibility in which some admins may not be able to handle. Bugs and Romaine built this community off of friendship and wasn't expecting to create a community this big. Romaine getting his previous position back would be beneficial to the community as well. Furthermore, members just don't know what Romaine has accomplished for Highspeed-Gaming in the years of his service. I would also like for you to list a couple of admins that you think will be fit for the Director position. Also, when it comes to friendship, you're going to have some sort of favoritism.....especially between Bugs and Romaine, nothing will stop that bond.
    1. Earl Burnett

      Earl Burnett

      Profeet? And whenever he gets on, I'll make sure he looks at your screenshot. Where is the screenshot located?

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