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  1. Hello again, We've recently changed our host again. We tried recovering the forums as best we can however we're sure there is some bugs and glitches that you will encounter, let us know and we'll try to resolve them as soon as possible. The above still applies to previous registrations going forward and account restorations.
  2. Hello, We have changed our hosting which resulted in us going from backups to restore the HighSpeed-Gaming website and forums. We are working to restore every thing that we can. If you were a member registered on the previous forums and are now unable to sign in, you must re-register your account and privately message me in order to get your account restored properly. If you want to have your account restoration process sped up, providing proof of the date of registration will assist in that.
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  4. —————————————————— Discord Policies —————————————————— Official Server Maintenance and Regulation Enforcement enforced Discord Policies Permanent Discord Invite Link https://discord.gg/5e2bRgz General Policies No organizing/orchestration, or participating in raids targeted towards the community (HighSpeed-Gaming) or other communities. Text Chat Policies Be respectful, use etiquette and courtesy. A basic understanding of English is required. Don't join to complain about an reprimand, infraction, Administrator, or player. If there is a problem the best plan of action is to use the support system to submit a report or a appeal. No advertisement, solicitation, or share referral links. No spamming text chat. No 18+ (explicit or controversial) content. No repeated requests for help. No offensive names, or excessive scripts. No bots, only authorized and approved ones permitted. No use of here/everyone mentions without purpose. No use group mentions without purpose. No promotion, discussing, selling, distributing, or sharing or hacks, glitches, cheats, bypasses, injectors, or malicious tools. No pornographic material may be posted at any time, including in the NSFW channel. No racist or religious degrading content. No harassment. No arguments or complaints over situations with SMRE, the decision is final. If there is a problem, report it under the HSG Government (support section) under the "REPORT ADMINISTRATOR" department. Voice Chat Policies Be respectful, use etiquette and courtesy. Reduce as much background noise as possible to avoid hot mic, if required use push to talk. No advertisement, solicitation, or share referral links. No soundboards or use of voice recordings. No high pitch or annoying tones/voices. No racist or religious degrading content. No harassment. Bot Command Policies Be respectful, use etiquette and courtesy. No spam of bot commands. No use of macros to trigger the bot. No use of the bot to trigger mentions or otherwise bypass any other policy mention or violate any other community guideline or regulation.
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  7. That's the Pacific Ocean, and it was windy. @GamerMason
  8. Here SMRE is seen out in the Pacific Ocean watching for role players venturing outside their secure roleplay zone
  9. The conversation with Slinky though.. lol
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