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  1. GamerMason

    Crownvic - DET

    © Stinger Operations

  2. MVC/MVA occured in front of UTool off US-13. Walt Longmire the trooper attempted to make a u-turn in the median on US-13. The driver(s) were not injured and left with insurance exchanged.

    © Stinger Operations

  3. GamerMason


    Prostitution is now allowed apparently in Blaine County, state troopers were directly in front of me while a stripper gets in front of me.

    © Stinger Operations

  4. GamerMason

    Air-1 (Picture 2)

    © Stinger Operations

  5. GamerMason

    Air-1 (Pic1)

    Nothing much on this story, but Air-1 blew up at 9:45 PM Central.

    © Stinger Operations

  6. GamerMason


    Pursuit in Blaine County just a quarter mile from Sandy Shores from UTool off US-13. The suspect was reported to be in the protected grounds of Senora Desert a half mile from Joshua. He had then lead Air-1 on a chase into a tunnel used by trains. Air-1 then had units respond to the UTool area to intercept. The pursuit crossed over Smoke Tree and onto the dirt again toward UTool. The pursuit was ended (picture2), the suspect had been in cuffs at approximently 9:35 PM Central. No one was injured in this pursuit. Peterson "Reporting" Stinger Operations Blaine County

    © Andrew Peterson / Daniel Lee | Stringer Operations

  7. GamerMason


    Pursuit - Grapeseed - 9:20 Central Time Pursuit ended in Grapeseed by the LTD, involving one male and a motorcycle. Unknown reason on why the crazy suspect lead police on a 1-2 mile police chase. Peterson "Reporting" Stinger Operations in S.A. -> Grapeseed

    © Andrew Peterson / Daniel Lee | Stinger Operations | 2018

  8. GamerMason

    Chimney Fire

    Chimney Fire dispatched out by the alarm company. Engine 13 responded from Sandy Shores station 2 in Blaine County. Fortunately no one was hurt. Peterson reported on scene a minutes after. The fire is still being invested by Paleto Bay and Blaine County Sheriffs. Peterson reports live Paleto
  9. GamerMason

    Retro Patrol

    B.C. Retro 89 Paleto Bay Retro 89
  10. GamerMason

    Morning Fog

    Photo - Near US-1 South of the City / 68, Morning fog in the valley of Zancudo area.
  11. Beautiful down in Blaine.
  12. I was first on see this structure fire, I attempted to look inside to find no one thankfully. Blaine county fire department responded from Sandy Shores fire Department this afternoon. They had put the fire out within minutes.
  13. GamerMason

    We all knew da wae

    Yeah, I know da wae. The wae is to stop talking about the wae. -_-
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