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  1. Version 2.1


    ---------------- 2010 DODGE CHARGER [UNLOCKED DEVELOPMENT MODEL]---------------- [Model Overview] -NAME: 2010 DODGE CHARGER [DEV MODEL] -VERSION: V2.1 -OPTIMIZED FOR: POLICE2 Polygon and Vertices count for LOD's -L0: Polygons = 137,216 | Vertices = 93,672 -L1: Polygons = 49,569 | Vertices = 36,485 -L2: Polygons = 1,708 | Vertices = 3,054 -L3: Polygons = 840 | Vertices = 1,349 [Credits] -Original Dodge Charger Model by EVERMOTION. Model Optimized, UV-Mapped, Templated & Converted to GTA V by PSource. -Body L2 & L3 from Forza 4 SRT8 2010 Charger. Textured and Templated by PSource -Body Polyfilling from Original GTA V Models and Forza 4, Fitted by PSource. Door Jambs Modeled by PSource. -2009-2010 Taillights & Reverse Lights from NFS MW 2012 Charger. Fitted and Texture Editing by PSource . -Dials and Dial Emissive Textures by PSource. -Door Trim, Gear Lever, Interior Mounted Mirror and Steering Wheel from Forza. Converted, Fitted and Textured by PSource. -Driver & Passenger Front Seats from Simraceway. Converted by PSource. -Tire Tread from Original GTA V Models. Fitted by PSource. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms and Conditions -This package is provided "as is". The Author makes no warranties towards this package. -In no event is the Author liable for any damages that arise or the inability to use this package. All responsibilities rest on the user. -This package MUST NOT be used for commercial purposes nor re-distributed without original credits provided. -You may not modify or copy elements of this package, remove credits or reverse engineer the contents without permission from the original Author. -By Downloading you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions listed. MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
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