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MyGuyJB last won the day on November 4 2019

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  1. MyGuyJB

    lets take you home

    my names dale
  2. MyGuyJB

    The bois

    the bois are bac in town
  3. MyGuyJB

    Clear out

    very gewd
  4. MyGuyJB

    Recovery Time

    After some random ass fat guy hit him with a hammer, some relax time is good
  5. MyGuyJB

    Just another day...

    Like a billion cops chasing 1 kid on a motorbike
  6. MyGuyJB

    Howes in Hot Waters

    is he gonna get out this time?
  7. MyGuyJB

    Hot Stuff

    fleeca bank said thank
  8. MyGuyJB

    Man Down

    nice paramedic revives me
  9. MyGuyJB

    Man Eat Deer

    bored fatso thinks about deer stew
  10. MyGuyJB

    Turtle head

  11. MyGuyJB

    I am your dad now

    i will steal you from teh hospital
  12. MyGuyJB


    Jim Lock got shot
  13. MyGuyJB

    Nom Nom

    donuts yummy for tony
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