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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is just some antennas I modeled for fun, Enjoy them. They aren't textured so you will have to do that yourself.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I thank every single soul that has supported this very long project from the start. It has been such a pleasure working on this Tahoe for release, and I hope to make more quality developer releases like this one. (This base model comes with a few pre modeled rambars with wrap arounds) ________________________________________________________________________________ -I do ask for a few favors when using this base model. -Do NOT release in a unlocked state. -Do NOT sell this base model -Please do NOT use parts of this model or any equipment off it on other models without permission -Do NOT re upload this model to any other sites than the ones I have released on, doesn't matter if you "fixed" or did something to it. -Do NOT sell using this base model without special authorization to do so, -if you are wanting to sell using this base model please DM me on Discord Dan with the Van!#8386 -Please for the love of god take your time and create a nice and quality model instead of rushing a release this is the way you can respect my work. ________________________________________________________________________________ -Only credit is needed when releasing using this model. - A huge thanks to everyone below for helping make this project as good as it is. Krul, TickleMyElmo, Blaster, HP Deskjet, Bigams, INSAN1TY, Billy J and Maurice97 ________________________________________________________________________________ An update will come soon that features a lower yft size I'm not happy with the normal on the doors and rear body so thats gonna be fixed very soon There are a couple known issues that are easily fixable, these issues will be fixed in a future update but for now ill list them below for your convenience Rear platelights are too bright (Can be fixed by making the texture more transparent) Some lights have a white background to them (This is due to the light texture being accidentally exported as a .dds and not a file format capable of storing transparency information. ________________________________________________________________________________
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