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Discipline Policy - 4 Step Program

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We have a 4 step program in dealing with individuals and discipline. This 4 step program is only valid as of December 2nd 2018, any prior infractions by the player before this date may not be held into account in this 4 step program. We have placed this 4 step program when we founded the new Server Government to ensure that all players are treated equally in terms of discipline, this also brings expectations to the player that outlines what is expected in terms of discipline.

First Offense = Warning
Second Offense if major = Kick
Third Offense = TBAN (Time of the temporary ban is up to admin discretion.)
Fourth Offense = PBAN

This is just a guide for admins to follow and discipline to totally up to admin discretion, the admin may issue warnings for all sorts of different things if its not the same infractions they have been given before, but anything that would be against the server rules that are easily found by actually reading our rules, will not have much tolerance for, as this is total neglect from the player's side to read our server rules. BUT! The following are mandatory:

-When an admin is having to make contact with an individual, and he's already had a couple of Warnings for something different than what he is trouble for, but it doesn't really warrant a kick but just talking to... The admin WILL issue another Warning. This way this the admins can track what the individual has been spoken to about, and the admin can tell the individual that they are making a note to their account and warning them of this situation. Bottom line is, if something requires admin intervention, it will be noted on the player's account regardless of the outcome.

-Immediate Kick: If two individuals are caught arguing out of character with each other and things get heated, they will both be kicked from the server. 

-TBAN 96 Hours Immediately is issued if a member is Insulting another member personally, for example: I'm currently in my Jim Jackoff Character, but is someone says "Ok Pole_Ice, you're a fucking idiot who likes to fuck hot dog buns!" Since I am in my Jim Jackoff character but the player chose to use my original name, this is to be taken as a personal attack against the player behind the character, and not the character itself.

-PBAN on-site players who threaten other bodily harm, or physical harm in some way in the real world... If they do so in Character and threaten to kill that other said character the next time they see them... ya ok... but if a member completely flies off the handle, and issues a personal threat, PBAN them on site, we have zero tolerance for this behavior. This is criminal behavior and this player will not have the opportunity to submit a ban appeal. They are permanently banned for good.

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