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Squareheaddude - Lead Admin, Major - Termination/Resignation

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Director/Developer, HighSpeed-Gaming


February 09th, 2019


Community Announcement

ATTN: HighSpeed-Gaming SMRE, Members, and Community


I don't want Squareheaddude to be here if he was just going to seep or undermine the functionality or operations of the community and/or department(s). Collusion with people who are banned from the community in another that purchased content from someone who has ripped/stolen/leaked assets.

Ever since Michael Cortez was denied return to come back specifically to operate TRU in SASP, as he is currently permanently banned from the community, Squareheaddude appeared to have gone into what could be seen as nothing but a spiteful downfall and actually the one who'd argue and deliberately be against what is actually justifiable and right for the community.

Squareheaddude blatantly ignored his SMRE duties in favor of a different game, roleplaying with your friends and this entailed ignoring their disorderly conduct and misuse of server equipment because he entertains the idea of "chaos"

As Major, Aidan Spahalski (Squareheaddude) would go from location to location in the restricted Chargers, Tahoes, and Suburbans that were "restricted because Alex Cortez did this to me" then sit idle/AFK for hours on end claiming he'd be writing documentation when clearly he'd be visibly (through Discord) playing Siege with his friends after leaving the server and neglecting responsibilities and duties.

Squareheaddude was expected to maintain a level relation within this department and run it to a level of which the Command and Supervisory grades would be able to assist in day to day operations and not having a restricted flow of requiring High Command sign off. Squareheaddude ignored those who came to him or he'd pick and choose what you deal with. You take input based on what you want to decide the input is and just disregard other things. He started neglecting this by taking input and then portraying only what he wished to portray, he started neglecting Command and Supervisors when they would inquire about something or would take too long to respond and by then the matter had already either escalated or those people gave up trying to seek reconiliation or remediation of the situation at hand.

Squareheaddude was expected to maintain a level of accountability for each Trooper, Supervisor, and Command member; Squareheaddude's disregard for responsibility, duty, or action or misaction and inactivity due to focus on other games at crucial times, and what is described as "driven away due to my passive-aggressiveness" over empty threats. However, I only strive to ensure that things are done properly and done at the request and order of the person who gave me this power. Instead of talking, Squareheaddude would call everything a debate or argument, ignore it, or if in dialogue because what was being asked or sought out didn't have a resulting answer that in turn was favorable, Squareheaddude then would just run away to go shit talk me or do things behind my back, or just "like he says play Siege". We do have a lot of internal votes and discussions regarding things - somethings haven't passed or are pending because of actual dialect or dialogue attempted to try and make these changes and fulfill the information needed has been dissuaded as always a constant argument or debate and therefore "I'm the Director." I talk quite frequently with various other people within the community that aren't just inclusive to certain individuals.

Squareheaddude always sits in his Discord. It's not that it's ignorable because there is leaked/talked about administrative/sensitive matters going on within the community with people who shouldn't even be informed, or they are taking leaked information and using it in their own ways or then sharing it. I used to be in this Discord, as it was promised as a place of "good being" and "enjoyment" and everyone there was rather nice, and did communicate and played other games on top of Siege, however I left it because Squareheaddude invited someone that started harassing me over their ban, and I have no time for this as I have better things to focus on.

The only thing Squareheaddude had done with all these hours or "2 years of service" proclaimed is get begged to do things, or constantly told to be doing his responsibilities and duties that meant more than just posting announcements and making a couple documentations, claim other people's documentation as own or take their documentation lightly credit them then entirely lock it, amending it, then forcing them to adhere to his own principles and policies because he refused to set out in such way that works with those other people. After long deliberations in the earlier days of the community falling out, we decided that this was a bad idea to keep more than 1 department as it was being pushed back my way that no one was working to try and achieve this. There were several channels or attempts to set up channels for people to communicate this and Squarehead would just come to me and straight up say "it won't work." and it was firmly believed that this was occurring as there were no actual discussions of this going on, or for those that were in Discords together there was nothing either seen come of those dialogues, and it was later made out that it officially couldn't work and we abolished.

The complaints in SASP and by significant other Command and Supervisor members to the department complaint-box, and in confidence in private to myself and various other Administrators of other departments over time, show that Squareheaddude significantly misled others, myself, and ultimately the community. For that Squareheaddude needs to be held accountable for what has been let go on for time and in part ignored by myself.


Sithis is a tyrant who is making moves not even known by the owner of the server - decisions that are crippling the community further and further. From stunted development to removed assets, to impulsive decisions on the wrong people - I fear this is the beginning of the end for HighSpeed-Gaming’s community, and I won’t be here to be able to stop it.

- I talk to Bugs regularly about the problems within the community because some of them I feel like maybe I am doing wrong or not enough or maybe I'm failing myself in being accountable for what is going on, or actually "this tyrannical" approach you speak of because of those around me questioning me and presenting those scenarios. I've actually yet to do true Director decisions with the actual power because this very thing that people will accuse me of acting out or deliberately using my power to make decisions without say that are crippling.

- Stunted development; Caine nor myself want to maintain 3 vehicle packs that are 40+ or more vehicles in itself on top of our own assets, and we also want to have fun too with development. All of us who work on the server want to feel sane when we look at the assets and not have to worry about something become incompatible because of something added to the server and not be chasing a wagon wheel of issues, that we won't actually be able to fix. Currently, an organization of all of what we had right now was due for a long time, and to actually have a better understanding of what is/isn't used or will be used or can be used in the future for other vehicle packs. However everyone demands vehicles and for myself, my expertise and actual knowledge with this field don't adequately benefit neither support what the community is driving. Certain individuals are collaborated with when it comes to models, however not just everything and anything is going to be added. We don't want to live our lives on maintaining a monolithic list of assets for things that we don't actually have control over because they're the third party, require disclaimers and some sort of relationship maintained with them, or the people who are being suggested or wanting to have certain things come from people of a very questionable place of GTA modding, they conduct in stealing/ripping, or leaking things themselves, or accept other things from people that I've been instructed to not do.

- Removed assets; people were complaining, and because as of recently the packs got complained, and some of the other things have disclaimers or otherwise, no easy accessibility to do the things wanted. We're actively looking at and sorting through what is deemed suitable for the server and what the development can do, then we're going to factor in the needs and wants then get to providing additional things on top of such that fits. However, we're tired of focusing on Law Enforcement and just vehicles for the server. The server has driven and killed most of SanTrans and SanFire roleplay by everyone because SASP pretty much has and can do everything (vehicles, script asset accessibility, constant features) where as the rest neglected or only ever sharing an asset when a police asset has been added. There is an entirely unfair balance and working to fix it in a sane manner matters most to us, not how fast we can provide you server additions or removals.

- Fear the beginning of the end, well I don't know about you but I'm kind of the reason why it stayed up, thank you. For it probably not of been me not accepting or wanting this, the probability of imminent shutdown would have been the real deal that time. I'm also assisting donate to keep it up on top of remaining funds on the server account.

This is also where my point of how the democracy we were supposed to have crumbled into tyranny. Sithis and the lead administrators before I became a lead administrator promised community votes on changes, and monthly meetings. Over time, Sithis went from “Let’s put it to a vote” to “I’m the Director,” and it’s absolutely sickening how fast the standards they set for the server were gone so fast.

- So far most of the things you brought to the table were unbanning people Bugs doesn't want back in the community, and I couldn't agree more with him. If you're or you've been a problem and you become toxic you should just straight up be banned, regardless of how well you contributed to something.

- Most people are inactive or LOA for work/personal reasons; so I'm unable to actually get anything appropriately done when bringing matters to SMRE and when matters were specifically brought to Lead Administration, no one really answers this at all so it became a hassle to be waiting 4-5 days to get answers to things we need to get done yesterday.

- Monthly meetings failed because no one was around and I have too much going on that takes me away from being able to actually dedicate time to getting this such thing - constantly holding someone's hand or having to be watching things that shouldn't be occurring in the first place in a part of the changes that were made.

After proving to Sithis multiple times regarding my activity compared to literally any other person in my same exact position or above, he reinstated me - most likely to avoid the community’s attention or retaliation.


- I was only ever proven that "SASP is running, doing good" but never provided any sort of validation of such claims, just kind of word of mouth.



Official statement from the Office of the Major (San Andreas State Police)

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