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Seeking Server Staff

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—————————————————— Community Announcement ——————————————————


As it has been observed over time the server does not have administrators in-game to always deal with problematic players and it requires players to come to discord and request an administrator, this is at large an inconvienence to players because administrators are not always available to get in-game and this usually results in the server emptying due to insufficient staff coverage. We are looking for 3 people to become apart of the SMRE team and join the journey to becoming an Administrator. Even with the report logging from the server some of these people either don't rejoin, or they rejoin do it and leave again, or they are joining in the times of where there are few people on known as Administrators.

Official Server Maintenance and Regulation Enforcement Application and Requirements

In order to submit your application of interest to join HSG SMRE, please send your inquiries through private message to myself or alternatively through direct message on Discord with an attachment of the application to myself.

- No infractions
- A member in good standing with the Administration
- Aged 17 or older, NO EXCEPTIONS. If found out or caught to be lying, this will result in being prohibited now and in future opportunities.


Steam alias? 
How old are you?
How long have you been apart of HighSpeed-Gaming?
Have you ever received any infraction(s) while playing in HighSpeed-Gaming, this includes expunged infractions? If so, why?
Why should we choose you over others? What do you think presents you as a more suitable candidate?
Do you currently hold a Staff position somewhere else? If yes, where?
    - Being apart of a community that has assets or is actively using that have NOT been released or authorized use by BxBugs123/LtCaine themselves will result in an automatic denial.
Do you understand the server's guidelines and regulations?
    - [Mandatory, 200 words minimum, trolls will be denied and prohibited in the future] If any player or SMRE personnel is breaking any guideline, regulation, or policy/procedure how would you handle this?
    - [Mandatory, 200 words minimum, trolls will be denied and prohibited in the future] Pick a scenario and describe it, and also describe how you would provide your evidence to support the claims/reasons for the infraction.
        (1) You catch a player no clipping and/or teleporting to other players. They've claimed to have just joined the server but upon investigation you find out they have been playing frequently for a week.
        (2) You catch a player teleporting back to scenarios after death and stealing their killer's vehicles.
        (3) You catch a player spawning AI peds and setting them to be aggresive to "NON-FRIENDLY" players.
        (4) You catch a player utilizing a client-side installed modification, plugin, or asset that gives them any sort of advantage over the regulated gameplay in the server.
        (5) You catch a player spectating, drawing routes to, or using voice chat to meta game another player's location, roleplay/scenario and interfering with it.
    - [Optional, 200 words mininum, trolls will be denied and prohibited in the future] If any guideline, regulation, or policy/procedure could be changed, what is it, why, and how does it benefit the overall community with this change?
Do you understand and agree that if at any time you are caught sharing, leaking, exposing, or revealing any form of sensitive or player information to other's that who are not SMRE will subject you to either immediate temporary or permanent ban from community or removal from SMRE?
Do you understand and agree that if you are found abusing your powers or privileges as SMRE will subject you to either immediate removal from SMRE or temporary/permanent ban from community?
Provide a current to date screenshot of your PLAYER INFORMATION from ingame


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We are proud to announce the following individuals for submitting their application and being accepted.

  • Irkevin (Luke Adams, Crystal Wallace)
  • TwoSix (Stiles Stilinski)
  • Joshua Tanner

To those who submitted and did not get accepted at this time. There were a few factors that were considered on how we determined who was or wasn't accepted.

The most specific ones were

  • Insufficient activity
  • Activity with trolling or  association with people involved with something we are entirely against.

We are not denying or putting any applicants application aside. This is not an definitive list as conducts or behaviors could result in a removal and we could reach out to the next most suitable candidate. There is also the potential for another 3 candidates to potentially also be selected to join the team, however when this will occur is not definitive and this is still going to be worked out.

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We have not forgotten about our applicants who have submitted their General Staff applications.

We're currently still reviewing them at this time.

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Thank you to everyone who has submitted an application for SMRE - General Staff. This marks the deadline for submitting applications. We will be further progressing to announce those who have been accepted.

Those that have been accepted have the opportunity to experience and demonstrate what it takes to progress as and be SMRE. At any point at time one of these candidates could be dismissed for any sort of misconduct or misbehavior or violations of regulations or guidelines.

In coming days we will have the list of accepted applicants. Those who are not named are not neither denied or rejected unless explicitly otherwise discussed with. We will keep all submitted applications in a pool in case for any reason we need to replace any dismissed former General Staff member(s) and those who get selected will be contacted at the most suitable time.

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