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Statement to Community

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Developer, HSG


December 7th, 2018


Community Announcement

ATTN: HighSpeed Members, Staff, Everyone

“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality”

To the HighSpeed Family,

My name is Sithis. For those of you who don't know me I am a Developer for this community

144 hours. One hundred and forty hours since HighSpeed was hit with a train of change. I want to take the time below to explain in my own eyes of what appears to be and what actually is.
It's understood that in this time that these actions were carried out and there was no context, no correlation, or even the basics of communications behind them to anyone. We hear you. Trust me.

I want you to know from being here over a year now that I don't think it is appropriate that we blame everything on Bxbugs123 who only wanted to see the best of the community, there never was a vision to have as many restrictions, there never was a vision to be a life or economy roleplay server. Bugs vision was to create and maintain a place where everyone, no matter what, could come and hang out and have fun roleplaying without any worries about strict rules or super restrictive departments. This vision got ruined somewhere between then and now. However, over the course of the time of HighSpeed-Gaming being open, Bugs has been here trying to be his best for the community even though every decision he made was received with hate, slander, or nothing but terrible remarks towards him and no one bothered to even deal with it.


I come to you today, under my word, that it was never his intentions for this to be the way things went. It was his intention to bring these people here in good faith to assist running the community and in doing so they manipulated a lot of people and turned them against you and him or they used that against him or other players, and in the end it resulted in him being shunned because of disagreeing with their decisions and holding it over him in future decisions. Bugs founded Highspeed and made it to be a community of friends. In recent time it has become a community where others benefit only their friends and in the long run lock you, the players out due to not liking you. Those people used the gray areas of our Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct to have personal gain.

Today, this changes. Through recent events it has been clearly shown who is here for the community and who was here for just their own personal gain. Today starts the community promise. I ask everyone to be patient. Concerns have been heard. We need to handle these things right.

Our goals for the future:

  • Re-Establish the “Highspeed Identity”

  • Bring us back to our core: a community for friends to roleplay and have fun

  • Establish Integrity, Honesty, and equitable practices

  • Progress forward.

Perhaps the most important one of them all is making sure we remain impartial. No one is above the rules of the community. And no one person should be gifted their power, or overrule others. We see the issues that got us here, and we’re on a warpath to have them fixed. Stick around.

Thank you,




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