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  1. AustinoInc


    Can anyone spot the dead Trooper?!
  2. AustinoInc


    Night-Time flights can be tricky, but with the amount of lights and landmarks in San Andreas it's no worries for Roger Woods.
  3. AustinoInc

    Pacific Flights

    Roger Woods is flying over the Pacific Ocean, this time in a rented Cuban 800, with slightly poor visability.
  4. AustinoInc


    A Serious incident was delcared when multiple high-profile criminals triggered the alarm at the Fleeca Bank on US-68, Grand Senora Desert. The State Police arrived on scene, and soon speciallist TRU too.
  5. AustinoInc

    Low-Life Sleep

    Darnell's sleeping on the Motel again, Jack's downstairs dealing meth again, Tracy's high and hurt herself, again.
  6. AustinoInc

    We Salute You

    Caught this on a patrol, thought it was a nice scene. I'm just going to take the time in this image to remind everyone and thank the HighSpeed-Gaming Staff for their work, and the standard it gets produced at. No other community has the standards that we set, especially with our community. Thank you, everyone! <3
  7. AustinoInc

    County Views

    *Subject to Wild Fire.
  8. AustinoInc

    County Views (2)

    No much better view than this, I can almost taste the "fresh" Vinewood air.
  9. AustinoInc

    Chilliad and Josiah

    Together, like pairs - Mount Chilliad and Josiah are spotted.
  10. AustinoInc

    Senora Valley

    Reaper Jones caught this view on his bike up to the top of the Vinewood Hills.
  11. There must've been some sort of mega-sale at Jarry's, or that everyone is finally moving out of Sandy Shores.
  12. AustinoInc

    County Hills

    This snap was taken whilst on a routine patrol in the Zancudo Hills.
  13. AustinoInc

    Reaper's way to LS

    Reaper was bored, had not much to do - asides from the plan he had forged weeks prior: To steel his brothers moped to enjoy the open roads!
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