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  1. Still progressing on at attempting to get FiveM to run on Linux!
    Made some good progress so far, it does seem possible aslong as we can figure out the required dependancies. (Various Windows DLLs etc.)

    If anyone wants to chip in their thoughts and especially some tips do let us know. 👍

    1. m9Networks


      Thats not gonna work.

    2. AustinoInc


      Been working with it with my friend, we're basing it off of Valve's 'Proton' (SteamPlay) Wine Prefix/Existing Libraries. FiveM requires alot of extra stuff, especially Microsoft Visual etc.
      It's mostly a job of going through and finding out what DLLs we need, with no promise it will work in the end.

      We're doing it mostly because my friend runs Linux and not Windows and is desperate to Roleplay with us on Highspeed. 😁

      Fingers crossed all works out anyways... 🤞

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