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  1. Good to see some G6 around and about!
  2. San Andreas Department of Transporation - (SanTrans) | Guidelines & Standard Operating Procedures The following (linked) Document is a publication which is the mandatory Guidelines & Standard Operating Procedures for any Personnel or Volenteer working on behalf of the San Andreas Department of Transporation (SanTrans) - It is advised that any aspiring, potential applicants read this in full as the understanding is fundemental and essential for working for the San Andreas Department of Transporation without any negative repremand. All existing Personnel are required to follow these Guidelines & Standard Operating Procedures or may face repremand from Management. Any Personnel/Volenteers working on behalf of the San Andreas Department of Transportation who is spotted not abiding by these Regulations may be reported anonymously in the Complaint Box where Human Resources/Management will investigate. Link to Guidelines & Standard Operating Procedures
  3. San Andreas Department of Transporation - (SanTrans) | Vehicle Roadside Assistance Handbook The following (linked) Document is a publication which is aimed to help Volenteers and Personnel alike develop a greater understanding of how to Roleplay with our Equipment more effectively. It is advised that these a read before applying for the Department of Transporation as they contain key fundemental knowledge. Failure to Roleplay these actions effectively may result in Volenteers being suspended from duty or a refresher course for existing Personnel. Link to Vehicle Roadside Assistance Handbook
  4. Watch out for illegal motorsportists in the forest. I heard they're good at evading.
  5. Too many cops don't wear their High Visibility jackets anymore... We should get them back in fashion.
  6. One of the better parades/get-togethers we've done.
  7. Oh shit there's me! Port Authority forever...!
  8. Alexander Vyrilis? When did he perish..? This is ages ago... 2017.
  9. Old Screenshot though, I do miss some of the old cars.
  10. Looks like a shitshow orgie to me!
  11. That fire will spread quickly in that moldy-ass barn house!
  12. AustinoInc


    Perfecting timing!
  13. AustinoInc


    I hate that that fake ass mall cop!
  14. AustinoInc


    That car must become a semi-supernova during backfire... so reflective!
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