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  1. If you wish to work for SanTrans please read through these. Click "here" for Vehicle and Uniform Guidelines Click "here" For the Vehicle Operation & Roadside Assistance Handbook. Please Note that these are subject to change so keep them handy. Also Casual Players and Non SanTrans employees should only be Using the tow truck and this will be enforced.
  2. Thanks for bringing some great role play Princess.

  3. Mark Wolf

    Make Visuals Great Again

    Le Gasp wrong skin for the area! :P
  4. Mark Wolf

    MAGWolf's Album

    Random Stuff
  5. Mark Wolf

    Break Time

    Got to be able to customize something since they make them drive turd colored crown vics :/
  6. I lost member access again on forums? Blue text is back to grey text.

  7. Mark Wolf


    EBT being driven up the wall again.
  8. Mark Wolf


    Alex needs to retake his drivers test.
  9. Mark Wolf


    Raptor thinks hes cool.
  10. Mark Wolf


    Lester the Molester finnaly getting what he deserves.
  11. Mark Wolf


    Early morning disturbance.
  12. Mark Wolf


    Riding with wolf to a cleanup.
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