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  1. Vixen

    Rescue-involved MVC

    SanFire engine companies had to respond to a distress signal from a Rescue apparatus that had been involved in a single-vehicle car v. tree collision along Route 15. The resource was returning to quarters when the driver suddenly became lightheaded and lost control of the vehicle. The Firefighter was treated and transported, and currently is in stable condition.
  2. Vixen

    Arrival and Scene Size-up

    Engine and Rescue resources arrive on scene of a single-story structure fire in Harmony, along Route 68. Crews quickly arrange the engine for an attack to minimize the risk and danger to the public and neighboring businesses.
  3. Today I resign from the Office of the Assistant Fire Chief with the San Andreas Fire Department. This is the consequence of a myriad of reasons that have made serving this role too stressful for me to continue under the current conditions. I leave the SAFD in the confident hands of the Fire Chief and his supporting ranking staff. Good luck to you all, I'll miss many of you dearly. :)


  4. Vixen

    More In-Depth police Tutorial

    Fantastic work, Raymond. Small correction: the command to check if there's FD/EMS on is /fdlist now.
  5. FIRE EQUIPMENT ARRANGEMENTS As an initiative to promote further role-play and general consistency across the Fire Department, this tutorial is targeting Fire and Rescue crews on the tools and their location on your Fire apparatuses. Currently, the SAFD has one pumper model available for usage in most Fire emergencies. After discussions with my fellow Captain M. Aho (Miksu), as the respective company leaders of these pumpers, we'll be looking to roll these standards out across all crews. These are based both on other Fire agencies from all over the world, in addition to personalised structures to suit the SAFD as it currently stands. For the purposes of this, "front" will refer to towards the cabin of the truck, "rear" will refer to towards the hose bay, "port side" refers to the left side of the pumper (if facing the front), and "starboard" in reference to the right side, appropriately. PORT SIDE A- Scene clean-up tools - 1x Heavy duty broom, 1x Rake B- Port-side output valves - Top valve is known as 'Valve C' and bottom one is known as 'Valve D' Blue- Spill Containment Compartments - 2x Large waterproof sheets, 1x Hazardous materials clean-up bag Green- Attack Compartment - 4x Self-contained breathing apparatuses, 4x Fire extinguishers Yellow- Extraction Compartment - 4x Heavy-duty ropes, 2x Heavy crimping tools, 1x Cordless circular saw, 1x Collection of hydraulic rescue tools (jaws of life) Pink- Safety Compartment - 1x Scene safety tape reel, 4x Traffic directional advisory cones, 4x Deployable flares, 2x Portable scene lights, 1x Thermal imaging camera goggles STARBOARD SIDE Pink- Rescue Compartment - 2x Rescue struts, 2x Hydraulic trolley jacks, 1x Hydra-ram hydraulic forcible entry spreader, 2x Fire-Rescue Harnesses Light Blue- Tools Compartment - 12x Wooden blocks for cribbing, 1x Sledgehammer, 2x Pick headed axes, 1x Combined toolbox Grey- Medical Compartment - 1x First responders medical bag, 2x Cervical collars, 2x Oxygen tanks and masks, 2x Blankets Light Green- Electrical Compartment - 2x 30 foot long electrical power cables, 2x Portable power packs, 4x Industrial-grade flashlights F- Starboard-side output valves - Left valve is known as 'Valve A' and right valve is known as 'Valve B' REAR OF PUMPER C- 2x Draft hoses D- 1x Extendable ladder E- Input valve for connecting to hydrants and water sources, known as 'Valve E' The Captains will be working together to promote the usage of these new standards that we are testing out. They are subjected to change as the Fire Department changes and expands. This is very new, so we're simply trying to see how it goes, and if it's a viable method of operation. We hope this brings further dimensions of role-play into the Fire Department.
  6. Vixen

    Make Visuals Great Again

    It looks like it, but it's actually the state-wide skin (it just looks very similar to the Los Santos skin). Pole would crucify me if I got the skin wrong lol :P
  7. Vixen

    Make Visuals Great Again

    So I just installed 'Make Visuals Great Again' onto FiveM. Oh my god, it looks beautiful...
  8. Vixen

    Firefighter down!

    A crew member of the San Andreas Fire Department found himself in need of medical treatment by the San Andreas Medical Response team after suffering injuries while fighting an apartment complex fire.
  9. Read this for an explanation of the authorization system. When in game, type /myinfo to see what level you are.
  10. Vixen

    Break Time

  11. Vixen

    Del Perro Fire Station

    Chillin' at the Del Perro Fire Station with Chief Pole_Ice, and volunteer SmokinMonk, a Lieutenant of the Police Department.
  12. I like this thread @Magma, I thought I would just quickly add a link to the Fire Department roster thread for new-comers who have yet to see it, and to help compile all the information a new person could possibly need in one thread. Fire/EMS A full explanation of the protocols, structure, and policies of the Fire Department can be viewed here. The most important rule to follow, is to comply with all reasonable instructions issued by on-duty ranking staff. The tutorials are the current accepted procedures to follow when serving as Fire or EMS, unless otherwise instructed by ranking staff. I cannot speak for the Chief Pole_Ice, as out timezone differences make it little difficult to be on at the same time, however when I am serving the role of Acting Captain, even if you have read the tutorials (which is expected), I like to walk through the steps with the new ones regardless. This is just to ensure that you fully understand what we do, and what purpose they serve. Any questions, contact the appropriate ranking member available in the Department.