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  1. To Bugs point, This is not the matter of favoritism. It's about the Direction of the Community's and it's Future. And there is no other person that would be able to run it as Romaine did for this Community. Him being the previous Co-Owner and Director gives Romaine a fierce advantage. Again, this is not about if you or I like Romaine this is about the Community as a whole and not individually. Agreeable, the past is something to review but for the better is something we have to decide as one. If this is the Choice the best Operational and Administrative choice is Romaine Brooks.
  2. Damn, you're sexy 

    1. J. Granger

      J. Granger

      I know your lyyiiiiiin

  3. @J. Nathan (Amanda Matthews), @M. Green (Ariana Matthews), @Earl Burnett (Aylssa Matthews) & @Mason Matthews
  4. @J. Nathan (Amanda Matthews), @M. Green (Ariana Matthews), @Thebomb491 & @Mason Matthews
  5. I would like to wish everyone and anyone a Safe Holidays. Alright when you do return to start RPing on HSG. Don't forget to place my presents under the Christmas Tree in my Office. Peace & Take care.


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