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  1. —————————————————— Community Vote —————————————————— Should the Paleto Bay Police Department be Blue & Blue lights or Red & Blue lights? Please take the time to vote in the poll! The results from Discord are the following.
  2. —————————————————— Guidelines & Regulations —————————————————— Official Server Maintenance and Regulation Enforcement enforced Community Guidelines & Server Regulations The COMMUNITY GUIDELINES, TEAMSPEAK GUIDELINES, & SERVER REGULATIONS set out here CAN and WILL change at any time. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with them or be concurrent with the most recent changes. Community Guidelines Be respectful, use etiquette and courtesy. A basic understanding of English is required. Don't bully other members, basically in short - if you wouldn't appreciate someone doing something to you, don't do it to them or others. Don't avoid the Administrators, if they have pulled you aside, it was for a reason. Don't backseat moderate. If there's an issue, report it appropriately. No trolling and/or flame baiting. Don't badger SMRE (the Directors, Developers, Admins, or Server Staff). Just because some one breaks the rules doesn't mean that it is okay for you, so if you start breaking them and try to throw some one under the bus, trying to get even, or even it be you're trying to try "+1'ing them" - you're the one in trouble, not them, 2 wrong don't make it any more right. The minimum community age requirement is 16+ (for Non-Emergency Services [SanTrans, Civilian]) or 17+ (for Emergency Services [Police, Fire, EMS]) and with no exceptions being made. Don't, OR attempt to, expose (dox, release/share/post information of), hack, ddos, pentest, exploit, extort, or bribe any SMRE official, member, or player in the community. Don't seep. That meaning don't have involvement with any community or promote any community of which has stolen, released, redistributed work of, content of, or assets of HighSpeed-Gaming and/or it's Members, Administrators, Directors, and Developers and not formally reconciled their actions. Don't use or create alternate accounts, identities, or aliases to hide or mask your original account, identity, or alias to escape punishment(s) or reprimand(s). All activities originating from you, your locations, and your identities. The following identifiers are provided are: steam, license (gamekey), IP address, discord snowflake [if set up], and XBL/LIVE [if set up] are your responsibility. The use of multiple identities for characters in TeamSpeak is permitted, however changing other unique identifiers is unauthorized. A microphone and ability to hear is required for playing as Emergency Services. Administrator's decisions are final. If you wish to appeal them, go to the support section and submit an appeal and/or file a complaint. TeamSpeak Guidelines Attendance is required for Emergency Services, SanTrans, and Security. What is attendance for Civilian? It is when you, the player, are not on duty as any other roles and playing as civilain and in TeamSpeak in a corresponding server channel. This allows Administrators to handle your complaints, issues, and reports with ease without disrupting gameplay experience. What is attendance for Emergency Services? It is when you, the player, are on duty as any Emergency Services and in TeamSpeak in the correct corresponding server and channel for radio traffic. What is attendance for SanTrans? it is when you, the player, are on duty as any Government Utility service or Public Work companies and in TeamSpeak in the correct corresponding server and channel for radio traffic. What is attendance for Security? It is when you, the player, are on duty as any Security group/corporation and in the correct corresponding server and channel for radio traffic. Player names and call signs must match! What is matching player names and call signs? It is when you the player, are on duty as any Emergency Services or Government Utility/Public Work companies, are in TeamSpeak with a matching display name & call sign in your name that is the same of in-game name and in-game call sign. (e.g., Sithis | N-100 for in TS, and when in-game my Steam name would be set to "Sithis" and then my "call sign" will be the unit id I provide to the /job command.) Don't spam. What is spam? It is the use of any sort of hot mic, whispers, pokes, messages, or joins/leaves to any channel that is in a rapid succession and you're not waiting for acknowledgment. Server Regulations Don't be out of character, stay in character at all times unless instructed otherwise or authorized by a Server Administrator. What is remaining in character? It is when you continue acting/behaving as if your character would in any situation. Going out of character because an Admin is near-by, other people are OOC, or a scenario/something you've done isn't intended or not wanted/not going your way - doesn't give you grounds to break character and "redirect" roleplay. No fail roleplay. What is fail roleplay? It is the failure to participate in roleplay and/or act out your part of persona/character. No meta gaming. What is meta gaming? It is the use of outside knowledge that would be obtained from an out-of-character source for any advantage over other players. The only allowed sources for in-character information are the designated civilian groups & radio traffic channels in Teamspeak, as well as any knowledge your character would be able to gain without the use of any sort of advantages. No power gaming. What is power gaming? It is the use of forcing, exclusivity, or unsportsmanlike actions, knowledge, or roleplay that allows you to control the outcome of roleplay in your favor. No cop baiting. What is cop baiting? It is the use of any tactic to abuse, provoke, gain and/or force Law Enforcement's attention upon you. No drifting or racing. What is drifting? It is use of any vehicle to intentionallly oversteer and loss traction to cause your vehicle to "slide" or "skid" around without any sort of organization and formal roleplay character. What is racing? it is the use of any vehicle to intentionally speed, for any objective, to reach a certain GPS route (waypoints, markers, blips), or locations without any sort of orgnization and formal roleplay character. No revenge killing. What is revenge killing? It is the use of any sort of physics, vehicles, weapons, or peds to get back at another player that has recently killed you. No deathmatching. What is death matching? It is the use of any sort of vehicles, weapons, or abilities to attempt and/or succeed killing another player without any initial roleplay that'd give you reason to become violent upon them. No unrealistic roleplay. What is unrealistic roleplay? It is the disregard to what would happen in any situation, that'd otherwise cause fatal/non-fatal bodily harm (death/coma, broken bones, cuts, bruises, gunshot wounds, etc), fatigue (sleepiness), disorientation (dizziness, the inability to distinguish left/right/up/down/etc), illness (sickness whether physical or mental), and/or ignoring physics in GTA and/or the physics we're able to control through our server sided scripts & assets. Use of common sense is encouraged. No trolling. What is trolling? It is the disregard of roleplay and all other rules, and just treating every situation out-of-character, not providing sufficient roleplay responses, and having obvious impairment or distraction from role play. No abusing trainers or client side plugins. What is abusing trainers or client side plugins? It is is the use of any trainer/mod menu/client side plugin (enabled through scripthook) to gain an advantage, cheat, abuse, bypass, glitch, disrupt, interrupt, cause unrest, damage, "evil mod," or manipulate the server assets, physics, players, vehicles, objects, peds. No grotesque roleplay. What is grotesque roleplay? It is any form of roleplay that would contain content of the following natures: Sexual/Erotic Racially hateful roleplays, or terrorist roleplay (being a supremacy group, the KKK, Al-Qaeda, etc,.) Gory or descriptive suicide/self-harm roleplays Pedophilia/Necrophilia No spamming of text, voice chats, game assets, or spawns of vehicles, objects/props, peds. What is spamming of text chat? It is the use of any text/text commands to repeatedly send random and/or the same message in quick successions without purpose and proper authorization. What is spamming voice chat? It is the use of any voice to keep your microphone live ("hot mic") and/or play a sound or song without purpose and proper authorization. What is spamming of game assets? It is the use of any spawn method to spawn more than 2 of vehicles, 4 objects/props, or 2 peds without reason and proper authorization. No advertising What is advertising? It is the use of any text, voice, imagery, or video that is used to share or promote an unrelated server or website other than HighSpeed-Gaming, or the servers. No violating peace time. What is peace time? It is an Administrator controlled server setting that is intended to stop or slow down all violence. Players violating peace time will be found doing the following: Attacking another player, or other pedestrians, whether it be with a weapon or vehicle and/or causing pedestrian aggression to yourself and others. Getting into a pursuit with police. Kidnapping. Racing/drifting around unorganized or wrecklessly. No scenario hijacking or interfering with roleplay. What is scenario hijacking? It is when another roleplay is being conducted by another player (or group of players) and you attempt intentionally influencing role play for personal reasons/gain to put yourself as the center of attention/have the spot light. What is interfering with roleplay? It is when another player (or group of players) are currently in the middle of roleplay and then you do any form of interaction or action that'd derail or stop their role play to focus on you. No abusing the job system. What is abuse of the job system? It is when you, the player, do any of the following: Switch jobs or go on duty as any other job to bypass systems or checks or to revive, heal, cuff or uncuff, jail or unjail players. Go on duty as any job and then going inactive/AFK while in-game No combat logging. What is combat logging? It is when you're interacting with any player with any means of inducing physical or mental harm on them and then leaving the server, teleporting away, no clipping away, or intentionally inducing crashes to leave, flee, or avoid the roleplay. Distributing, releasing, or sharing the work of, content of, or assets of HighSpeed-Gaming and/or it's Members, Administrators, Directors, and Developers without explicit authorization will result in removal. SMRE reserves the right to issue an infraction at any time for any misconducts, and/or unruly behavior or actions.
  3. —————————————————— Community Announcement —————————————————— We are going to be introducing a ticketing system into the community. This system is going to allow us to track in a formal way how and what Administrators are doing with reports, appeals, and complaints. This will also allow us to track and further see how situations are being dealt with overall and to eliminate any form of bias in how a decision is made. We currently track the following with the support systems: - Administrator Reports - Player Reports - Bug/Cheat Reporting, Hacks/Exploits Reporting - m9Networks - Of which is the company behind our web services provided. This is a support for things regarding our website and issues experienced with it. Please either click on the HSG Government button in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or click here. Once you have landed on the following page, click on the highlighted corresponding box to open up, the following box will open up Please use the drop down department box to browse and find which department your ticket appropriately fits. Spamming the support system will result in a infraction and/or restriction from using the system. Continued abuse or finding ways to circumvent these restrictions will result in further reprimand.
  4. Sithis Developer, HSG ㅡ December 7th, 2018 Community Announcement ATTN: HighSpeed Members, Staff, Everyone “Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality” To the HighSpeed Family, My name is Sithis. For those of you who don't know me I am a Developer for this community 144 hours. One hundred and forty hours since HighSpeed was hit with a train of change. I want to take the time below to explain in my own eyes of what appears to be and what actually is. It's understood that in this time that these actions were carried out and there was no context, no correlation, or even the basics of communications behind them to anyone. We hear you. Trust me. I want you to know from being here over a year now that I don't think it is appropriate that we blame everything on Bxbugs123 who only wanted to see the best of the community, there never was a vision to have as many restrictions, there never was a vision to be a life or economy roleplay server. Bugs vision was to create and maintain a place where everyone, no matter what, could come and hang out and have fun roleplaying without any worries about strict rules or super restrictive departments. This vision got ruined somewhere between then and now. However, over the course of the time of HighSpeed-Gaming being open, Bugs has been here trying to be his best for the community even though every decision he made was received with hate, slander, or nothing but terrible remarks towards him and no one bothered to even deal with it. I come to you today, under my word, that it was never his intentions for this to be the way things went. It was his intention to bring these people here in good faith to assist running the community and in doing so they manipulated a lot of people and turned them against you and him or they used that against him or other players, and in the end it resulted in him being shunned because of disagreeing with their decisions and holding it over him in future decisions. Bugs founded Highspeed and made it to be a community of friends. In recent time it has become a community where others benefit only their friends and in the long run lock you, the players out due to not liking you. Those people used the gray areas of our Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct to have personal gain. Today, this changes. Through recent events it has been clearly shown who is here for the community and who was here for just their own personal gain. Today starts the community promise. I ask everyone to be patient. Concerns have been heard. We need to handle these things right. Our goals for the future: Re-Establish the “Highspeed Identity” Bring us back to our core: a community for friends to roleplay and have fun Establish Integrity, Honesty, and equitable practices Progress forward. Perhaps the most important one of them all is making sure we remain impartial. No one is above the rules of the community. And no one person should be gifted their power, or overrule others. We see the issues that got us here, and we’re on a warpath to have them fixed. Stick around. Thank you, Sithis Developer HSG
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    Patrolling for RPers in the DMZ

    That's the Pacific Ocean, and it was windy. @GamerMason
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    Patrolling for RPers in the DMZ

    Here SMRE is seen out in the Pacific Ocean watching for role players venturing outside their secure roleplay zone
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    The conversation with Slinky though.. lol
  10. The following are player & member authorization levels: Recognized Streamer | RS * (on-hold, currently under review & revision) Member | M2 * New Member | M1 * Casual Player | CP * The following are SMRE (Directorate & Administration) levels: Director | DR Lead Admin | A3 Senior Admin | A2 Admin | A1 General Staff | GS The following are SMRE (Development) levels: Chief of Development | CD Developer | DV All authorizations marked with an asterisk (*) will be explained below. Casual Player | CP - any player who is new to HighSpeed-Gaming or has not applied to the community as a Member, and has not received any recent infractions from SMRE (the Administration, Directorate, and Development), will be eligible. New Member | M1 * - any player who applies for membership and gets accepted and approved, and has not received any recent infractions from SMRE (the Administration, Directorate, and Development), will be eligible. Member | M2 * - any New Member | M1 who passes their probationary period as a New Member after being accepted & approved into the community as a Member, and has not received any recent infractions from SMRE (the Administration, Directorate, and Development), will be eligible. Recognized Streamer | RS * - any player who meets the requirements of the Recognized Streamer Application, and has not received any recent infractions from SMRE (the Administration, Directorate, and Development), will be eligible. In the event the server is locked to a certain authorization or higher, please take the time to read this topic which explains why is the server locked.