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  1. Version 1.0.0


    These are replacement mic clicks for your use with Teamspeak. They help with RTO, and make things a bit more 'realistic'. I've collected a few different ones and including them here for your usage. Credit goes to original makers, whoever they are.
  2. P Smith

    A little fast?

    Spotted going a little fast so we had a little chat.
  3. P Smith

    On Scene

    On-scene trying to get the pilot out as quickly as possible due to possible fire on-board.
  4. P Smith


    Searching for the downed plane
  5. This was definitely one of the more interesting scenes.
  6. P Smith

    Injury after TC

    Road closed off
  7. P Smith

    Fire @ Fleeca....

    Doesnt exactly look "right"
  8. P Smith

    Flashy flashy

    Radiance and "Make Visuals Great Again"
  9. P Smith


    Visuals are "Make Visuals Great Again" Simply add in fivem folder
  10. Visuals are "Make Visuals Great Again"
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