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    Romaine should be allowed to get his former position back so long as he wants it. This community was fantastic under his guidance and leadership, and I for one know that many of us will return provided that he is given his role back. I hope that things can, one day, return to the way it was pre-November of last year, when the server was booming and really doing better than ever.
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    He did not leave. He was forced out.
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    As of this moment and proceeding forward, any person who has interest in becoming a resident, or member as it is commonly referred to, must do so by going through the passport office in order to gain citizenship. With that in mind, departments such as the San Andreas State Police, SanFire, SanTrans, etc., can no longer issue residency through their own application processes. This decision comes after several complaints from current members and staff regarding players abusing 'easier' application processes to get membership easily, but not perform the duties required of them after gaining membership. For more information on how to become a Resident, please click here.
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    Showing off the new 2020 livery for the Paleto Bay Police Department!
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    Major Paul Robert & Captain Adam Vyrilis clear out a residence.
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    We are going to be reviewing and considering what the communities' opinion would be on bringing Romaine back as a Director in HighSpeed-Gaming. Me (Bugs) and Sithis, do not have the time or motivation to direct HighSpeed-Gaming as Directors, we have been considering the return of former Director Romaine Brooks and allowing him to come back and assist with the operations of the community. Caine, Sithis, and I would cover the majority of server development, however, Bugs and I would still assist as Director's, if needed. There is a lot that goes into running HighSpeed-Gaming that I or Sithis fulfill with our schedules. Also, ourselves we're not able to really organize or assemble in a fashion that works without someone being away or having to go away in a time period that makes conversations very brief and unable to get the entire depth of full discussion done, this also makes organizing and assembling the community as a whole and ensuring everything that on a daily needs to tick is done. So with that said we want to hear your opinion of what you think we should, continue as is or bring Romaine back be honest but friendly. This poll is open to all registered users. This poll will be open for 48 hours.
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    Being a Director comes with a lot of responsibility in which some admins may not be able to handle. Bugs and Romaine built this community off of friendship and wasn't expecting to create a community this big. Romaine getting his previous position back would be beneficial to the community as well. Furthermore, members just don't know what Romaine has accomplished for Highspeed-Gaming in the years of his service. I would also like for you to list a couple of admins that you think will be fit for the Director position. Also, when it comes to friendship, you're going to have some sort of favoritism.....especially between Bugs and Romaine, nothing will stop that bond.
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    Showing off the new 2020 livery for the Paleto Bay Police Department!
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    Facts we simply cannot trust anyone else and Romaine is the only person that knows how to lead HSG hell he had been since 2016 when "HSG" first became a thing.
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    To Bugs point, This is not the matter of favoritism. It's about the Direction of the Community's and it's Future. And there is no other person that would be able to run it as Romaine did for this Community. Him being the previous Co-Owner and Director gives Romaine a fierce advantage. Again, this is not about if you or I like Romaine this is about the Community as a whole and not individually. Agreeable, the past is something to review but for the better is something we have to decide as one. If this is the Choice the best Operational and Administrative choice is Romaine Brooks.
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    Give me some recommendations? Romanie will be working for a lot of the privileges back. He will be assisting with directing as stated above. We are working against favoritism but at this time he is the best fit to direct this community.
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    I honestly think we should give someone else a go, let Romaine work for his position back he should EARN it like the rest of us, it should be fair to everyone regardless of who they are, people who leave HSG completely and then come back and receive their positions back as if they had never left the way they did it looks a lot like favoritism, and as our directors have stated, we are against favoritism
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    Version 1.0.0


    Initial Release: Hope you all enjoy! Don't forget to rate; any feedback and support issues should be left below in the comment section. All comments, suggestions, and issues should be left below ONLY AFTER READING THE TEXT DOCUMENTS INCLUDED IN THEIR ENTIRETY. included: Reshade preset (duh), Timecycles, Visualsettings.dat, and Textures. BEWARE: HighSpeed-Gaming hosts it's own VisualSettings.dat thus police lights will appear much brighter due to this; unfortunately. I am still looking for a way to override serverside hosted visual settings or find a workaround.
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    I bombed the chiliad mountain completely fine in just 2 minutes, I think I broke a world record!
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    Version 1.4


    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. By downloading this file you agree to the TERMS OF USE AND DISTRIBUTION, If you can not abide by those terms then do not download this file.
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    From the album: John Granger's Images

    Canine Unit Training Session Dash Cam - P26 Dash Cam still from Trooper's Harris Patrol vehicle. 03APR19 Official Department Photo
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    Version 2.1


    ---------------- 2010 DODGE CHARGER [UNLOCKED DEVELOPMENT MODEL]---------------- [Model Overview] -NAME: 2010 DODGE CHARGER [DEV MODEL] -VERSION: V2.1 -OPTIMIZED FOR: POLICE2 Polygon and Vertices count for LOD's -L0: Polygons = 137,216 | Vertices = 93,672 -L1: Polygons = 49,569 | Vertices = 36,485 -L2: Polygons = 1,708 | Vertices = 3,054 -L3: Polygons = 840 | Vertices = 1,349 [Credits] -Original Dodge Charger Model by EVERMOTION. Model Optimized, UV-Mapped, Templated & Converted to GTA V by PSource. -Body L2 & L3 from Forza 4 SRT8 2010 Charger. Textured and Templated by PSource -Body Polyfilling from Original GTA V Models and Forza 4, Fitted by PSource. Door Jambs Modeled by PSource. -2009-2010 Taillights & Reverse Lights from NFS MW 2012 Charger. Fitted and Texture Editing by PSource . -Dials and Dial Emissive Textures by PSource. -Door Trim, Gear Lever, Interior Mounted Mirror and Steering Wheel from Forza. Converted, Fitted and Textured by PSource. -Driver & Passenger Front Seats from Simraceway. Converted by PSource. -Tire Tread from Original GTA V Models. Fitted by PSource. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms and Conditions -This package is provided "as is". The Author makes no warranties towards this package. -In no event is the Author liable for any damages that arise or the inability to use this package. All responsibilities rest on the user. -This package MUST NOT be used for commercial purposes nor re-distributed without original credits provided. -You may not modify or copy elements of this package, remove credits or reverse engineer the contents without permission from the original Author. -By Downloading you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions listed. MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
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