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  1. Today
  2. AustinoInc

    It's under Control

    Gruppe-6 Management arrives on-scene to ensure saftey and figure things out after a incident on US-1 outside of Paleto.
  3. Pictured: All of the Gruppe-6 vehicles outside of the [Old] Gruppe-6 Patrol HQ, Mirror Park.
  4. AustinoInc

    Terrific Tow

    José loves his job with SanTrans!
  5. AustinoInc

    Paleto Patrol

    Look at this fleet! It's beautiful!
  6. AustinoInc

    Crown-Vic Venture

    A Paleto Bay Police Department Crown Victoria alongside a Gruppe-6 Model parked outside of the Police Station.
  7. Yesterday
  8. AustinoInc

    Canyon Crash

    Whilst Robin Skidad was visiting Dexter Jone's house in the woods - their brakes stopped working and plummited both of them backwards into Raton Canyon.
  9. AustinoInc

    Fog in the Creek

    Whilst still waiting for rescue, Robin captures this picture on his mobile phone. Pictured: Dexter Jones
  10. AustinoInc

    Rescue Effort

    After Robin Skidad and Dexter Jones fell into Raton Canyon, the Blaine County Sheriffs Office rescue efforts began.
  11. AustinoInc

    Gruppe Crash

    A single-vehicle incident occured on US-1 just ouside of Paleto Bay when a Gruppe-6 Security Officer went off of the site of the road.
  12. Last week
  13. AustinoInc

    Paying for Parking

    With 'civil' parking attendants taking matters into their own hands, it's a smart idea to actually pay for your parking.
  14. AustinoInc

    Seeing off the Crew

    Noah waves off a Rockford Hills crew as they get dispatched out to a large fire.
  15. AustinoInc


    It might not be legal, but laws don't matter when there are no police... #NoCopNoStop
  16. AustinoInc

    By the Fire

    Robin Skidad and his close friend, Dexter Jones relax in Dex's wooden lodge near Raton Canyon.
  17. This interesting, quick snippet of construction before the company moved out a few days later.
  18. No Helmet, No Problem.
  19. AustinoInc

    Pedal to the Metal

    What to do when you're stuck in the Nothern-Most town in the State, without a car? Pedal!
  20. AustinoInc


    Noah Wyatts got called out to someone who has hurt themselves falling down their stairs - ouch...
  21. AustinoInc

    High-Vis Crew

    A Crew of SanTrans - wearing their vests!
  22. AustinoInc

    Door Patrol

    William Andreas and Junior Hardy are tasked with ensuring that the Blaine County Savings Bank is safe during the night in this period of high-risk.
  23. AustinoInc

    Road-Rage Fuel

    Two Semi-Trucks hauling explosive gasoline block all Westbound Lanes on US-1 towards Paleto - perhaps making some explosive results.
  24. AustinoInc

    Engine 4

    The Classic MTL Deck-Cannon Fire Engine - this one being SanFire's Engine-4 for Los Santos County.
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