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  3. Vyrilis

    How we start the shift

    6:36 AM: Start of Shift @Squareheaddude
  4. Street

    Selling Tacos at Tequi-la-la

    It is I, Paco Hernandez, muy guapo .
  5. TehHutch


    Hey, that's Awhl Roakher from the news! That team was spot on covering the events in Sandy Shores yesterday!
    It is I, Paco Hernandez, muy guapo .
    That guy making tacos was awesome!
  6. Last week
  7. MyGuyJB

    The bois

    the bois are bac in town
  8. Earlier
  9. Too many cops don't wear their High Visibility jackets anymore... We should get them back in fashion.
  10. One of the better parades/get-togethers we've done.
  11. Oh shit there's me! Port Authority forever...!
  12. Alexander Vyrilis? When did he perish..? This is ages ago... 2017.
  13. Old Screenshot though, I do miss some of the old cars.
  14. Looks like a shitshow orgie to me!
  15. That fire will spread quickly in that moldy-ass barn house!
  16. AustinoInc


    Perfecting timing!
  17. AustinoInc


    I hate that that fake ass mall cop!
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