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Connecting to Servers

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Hi there!!!

I am new to the server and community,

and I wanted to ask a few questions.

  1. How do I get connected to the server?
  2. Is there restrictions/qualifications that need to be met?
  3. How long does the process usually take?

If I can get some help on these questions, that would be very nice,

Thank you!!!

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When you load fivem look for Highspeed Gaming public server 1. If the restriction level said cr you are allowed to go right ahead and join. Keep a clean record and come up with good roleplays, use menus appropriately and interact with other user. Once you achieve 30 hours and have a clean record you can apply for any of the following San Andreas state police, civilian/member application etc. To apply for the police to become a cadet you have to be 17 and to apply for member you have to be 15 don’t lie about your age. I am going to end this with welcome to HSG and enjoy your time here. Also make sure to join the discord if you have any other questions you need answered people are always active on there. Sincerely Cazz

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Hey! Welcome to Highspeed-Gaming!

1) You can connect by either looking up "Highspeed-Gaming" in the Server browser on FiveM! Or you can direct connect by using the IPs (Server 1: (Open server) fivem.highspeed-gaming.com:704 Server 2: (Members only) fivem.highspeed-gaming.com:7045)

2) As a short run down, when you first join, you will be given the rank CR. From there you will need to gain 30-50 hours WITHOUT ADMIN INFRACTIONS . If you get no infractions, you should be given CU. From there you can then apply to either CIV/SASP/SanFire given you have the correct amount of time required to join. If you do get accepted, you will be given M1 status. For more indepth, take a look at this link made by one of the DVs! 

3) This process takes as long as you make it take, if you play 2 hours each week. It will take a long time. Just play and have fun, it will come faster then you think.

also for an extra thing, take a look at this link. It will help a lot. http://highspeed-gaming.com/Forum/index.php?/topic/3119-getting-started-on-high-speed-gaming-updated/

If you need anymore help, don't be afraid to message me. I sometimes don't bite >:)

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