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Notice to PWORKS: FD now rolling POVs in Blaine County

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As per Romaine,

FD is now rolling in POVs (Personal Vehicles) in Blaine County.

This means that Fire Fighters playing in Blaine County, which is a volunteer Fire Department area, will be able to leave the Fire Station in civilian clothes and go about playing as a civ until the Fire Alarm rings... when this happens, they will get in their personal vehicles (Which will be equipped with minimal Red/White or just Red lighting, and a siren. No Lights Bars or Pushbars. Minimal Antennas.) They look like unmarked cars but can only use Fire Dept lights.

Operational Rules of a POV. They are to drive their POV in such a manner at all times by obeying the rules of the road. ONLY when there is a Fire Call or Medical call, can the POV's Emergency Lights and Sirens be used to ONLY drive directly to the station, to grab the appropriate piece of equipment, and then carry on to the call.

IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE, is a POV to be driven to a scene. FD Personnel to drive their POV's directly to the station period.

IF the POVs are being abused, that person will lose the ability to drive a POV and will be disciplined within the Fire Department.

When responding to the station, the POVs in Sandy Shores will be parked on the other side of the street in the dirt. In paleto bay they will park in the small parking area in front of the FD and the overflow parking will be at the church next door. PLEASE TO NOT DELETE THE POVs! Once the emergency is over, the Fire Dept will drive their emergency vehicles back to the station, and get into their POVs and continue on about their day.

POVs may be driven by non-fire members, there is no reason to restrict this because having a POV in a volunteer FD area is just a way of life. Any Misuse of a POV may result in a kick/ tban .

Chief Director of SanFire

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