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ban appeal

Unban Appeal

Name: Martin strindlund

Steam64 ID:76561198298966586

Permanent or Temp ban: permanent 

Ban Reason: RDM

Do you believe it was your fault: Yeah little but not all my fault

Recollection of events: I killed one person becuse he was annyoing 

Proof or other comments: PLZ UNBAN ME


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I am not the one who judges, but try putting a bit more effort in your ban appeal, especially since it's permanent ban. Try include full details of what happened and your "promises" of acting adequately upon getting unbanned, etc. With your little effort person deciding on this unban will probably deny it, since he has no guarantees that you won't start killing bunch of people randomly on server just because they are annoying to you.

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 When someone is annoying you /report feature its there for a reason. Here another thing do not say it not your fault at all when you are the one that carried out the RDM which is against HSG server rules.  Admins will ban people when other people report people for not RPing or other things. When I was an admin I would give people warning when someone sent in a report on someone that has broken the rules. For future reference please read all the rules before trying to take matters into your own hands. If you have a problem with someone make sure you are recording and submit a report of that person that has violated the rules.

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