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David P.

Report against M.Weston R-39

Posted (edited)

Name: M.Weston R-39

Time: 15:00

Other players name: N/A

Rule broken: RDM x 4, consistently being disrespectful after being told to stop

Recollection of events: over the period of 4 hours Weston consistantlly rdm'ed and was being disrespectful to me

Proof and/or other comments: I would like something done about this please because I have asked him numerous times to stop, but he continues, also the persons who witnessed these events are :

J.Hall (fuso)





Edited by David P.

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I did not see M. Weston do any of this. What i did see is you yelling and disrespecting all of us trying to conduct an RP. When John tells you to stop interrupting RP then stop.

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Do you mean where you continously interfered with our RP's despite being asked to leave the area or join in with us? Okay shadownite.

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This report is in the INVESTIGATION status.

Please refrain from arguing over the reports section as this will eventually cause more conflicts. Individuals involved in this topic will be reached out to and talked to privately.

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The only rp i can think of where shadownite, weston and I are together is  a clown block party. Which went downhill sort of. But i watched it from a rooftop 2 buildings away.

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