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Alex Cortez

Official SASP Forum Section

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As many of you may have noticed, a new forum section has been established for the San Andreas State Police. From this point forth, all activity relating to the San Andreas State Police shall be conducted in this section, in the appropriate categories. Conduct in this area is to remain professional at all times. I will provide a quick run-through of the features and sections that have been introduced.


"Front Desk"

  • The "Front Desk" is the section for all types of public matters. (Applications, Questions/Concerns, Announcements)
  • All SASP applications are required to be put through the new application section shown below. All SASP applications that are posted in the old section will not be approved. This is being done to keep all SASP topics and applications in one area.
  • Announcements that are made in the Front Desk section are view-able by the public. (All website groups, aside from unregistered users.)
  • "Public Affairs" will be the forum for all users that have any type of questions or concerns.


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"The Station"

  • "The Station" is the section for the SASP Members. (Trainee's+/M1's+)
  • SASP Announcements is pretty self-explanatory, announcements that will affect SASP Members.
  • Discussion is also very self-explanatory, a forum where SASP Members discuss topics.
  • The Library is where it gets interesting. All SASP Procedures, training manuals, vehicle and uniform guidelines, etc, will be posted here. All of those documents will be posted within the next week or so. As they are being reworked from the ground up to enhance everyone's experience.


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"Division Offices"

  • Division Offices are the section for all of the active divisions.
  • More divisions will most likely be added in the future.


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TL:DR - New stuff, enjoy!


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