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SATCES | Fire & Rescue - FF/B Macros

HSG Fire & Rescue | FF/B MACROS
San Andreas Training Center for Emergency Services

Hi all,

In supplement to the now available SATCES Basic Firefighting course, I present the first installment of Department-issued executable (and source file) that covers all the in-game actions involved in formal FF/B training and activities proceeding it. Attached is two copies; one—an executable that does not require any third-party software, and two—the source .ahk file that will function if you have AutoHotKey installed on your computer. I wish to thank and acknowledge the work of @John ONeill for his contribution to this. The SAFD has been in liaison with John from months ago, and the Fire Command wishes to thank him for approaching us initially, and guiding us through the advancement of these macros. This is intended for those who have their FF/B qualification or expect to be undertaking their FF/B training soon.

Here is a complete list of the macros that can be used. Remember to use 't' to bring up the in-game text chat, and be sure not to press any other key aside from that in the macro shortcut, or you will need to close and re-open the chat box. The text in bold is what you should type in-game.

bunker gear

Put on bunker gear


Put on dress uniform

get scba

Put on SCBA

return scba

Take off SCBA

open spill comp

Open SCC

open attack comp

Open AC

open e comp

Open EXC

open safety comp

Open SC

open electrical comp

Open EC

open pre-connect comp

Open PCC

open medical comp

Open MC

open tools comp

Open TC

open rescue comp

Open RC

close spill comp

Close SCC

close attack comp

Close AC

close e comp

Close EXC

close safety comp

Close SC

close electrical comp

Close EC

close pre-connect comp

Close PCC

close medical comp

Close MC

close tools comp

Close TC

close rescue comp

Close RC

grab hydrant wrench

Grabs hydrant wrench

return hydrant wrench

Returns hydrant wrench

hoist hose

Hoist up hose

place hose

Put down hose

remove hydrant cap

Take off hydrant cap

returns hydrant cap

Put hydrant cap on

flushes hydrant

Flush the hydrant

open hydrant

Release water from hydrant

close hydrant

Stop water flow from hydrant

connect hydrant

Connect hose to hydrant

remove hydrant

Disconnect hose from hydrant

apply p brake

Apply parking brake

release p brake

Release parking brake

pto pump

Set PTO to pump

pto drive

Set PTO to drive

set chocks

Deploy wheel chocks

return chocks

Pack up wheel chocks

open ttp

Open T>P stream

close ttp

Close T>P stream


Rollup hoses on rear tray

connect [a/b/c/d]

Connect line to discharge

disconnect [a/b/c/d]

Disconnect line from discharge

charge [a/b/c/d/deck gun/pre-connect 1/pre-connect 2]

Charge line

pressure [a/b/c/d/deck gun/pre-connect 1/pre-connect 2]

Pressurize line

depressurize lines

Depressurize all lines

EXECUTABLE (recommended):


Please report any bugs (not BxBugs or BayAreaBuggs) you notice and I'll sort them out and update the files here. A reminder that this script only covers the FF/B course, and more will come to cover further areas in Intermediate and Advanced firefighting.

Have fun!
- Vixen

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