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Romaine Brooks

Modifications You Might Want (VisualV & More)

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I just copied this from Lounge Room 1 and updated a few things with the "FiveReborn & VisualV" so that it doesn't clash with the fixes brought about in Bxbugs123's update to fix the redbox issue via carcols. In fact, I combined them! Check out the first link! And, I included the newest version of Visual V! Plus, it gives the Policeb skins!

FiveReborn Trainer w/ Ability to change time!

Other mods (Recommended, w/ Interiors)

Other Recommeded Mods:

Skin Control:



Key's for Caine's Mod: http://pastebin.com/rsL4bbrt

Make a folder named "plugins" in the fivereborn directory & put all your .asi scripts within that folder (ALL your .ini files go in your main gta directory)

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the PLD and BVA crash my fiveM and the F3 Menu doesnt work. and enchanced is out of date. lambda is a better version, plus fivereborn no longer supports openIV.asi

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Topic lock, some files here might be OUTDATED, please download the files from the forum at this address:

If mods are crashing you, test them one by one, or add mods one by one and see if your game works fine. If still crashing, checks that you have no mods using same keybinds by example or any conflict.

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