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Fuso Derpy [BRONY]

Requirements for HST (High Speed Trucking)

Please make sure to understand and follow the truckersmp guidelines

Minimal age for joining 17.

have a clean record or at least a decent record or be a repeat offendor.

have a mic or plan on getting a microphone.

Have HST colors during events othern than free roaming feel free to do whatever colors.

Dont troll as another vtc if your using close to another vtc color scheme.


Happy trucking

If you want to actually speak to me (J. Hall, Fuso/ Derpy) on the teamspeak.

HST ts3 server address

HST Discord

HSG ts3 server address


HST truck Pack NO DLC needed 1.27 truck pack nodlc.scs?dl=0

That scs file has HST colored trucks BUT no engines are changed, no prices are dropped only the paintjob is changed. And the paintjob in use is only available on the dafxf by default.

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hey @Fuso Derpy [BRONY] Is this still a thing if it is i would like to take part in it!


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it is and is not. there are users that have [hst]  but i do not see them much and i do not plan convoys because i have a full time job. But if you wanna join into it add [HST] username here


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Fuso, discord invite has expired.


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