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  1. Hey LLama, Here is a small list llama that I made up a little while ago. CIvilian scenarios - Prison escape - grabbed by a car and taken to mansion. Hit and run, vehicle accident and escaped on foot. Drunk driving Texting and driving Heart attack - driving/foot Fake burglary alarm Fire alarm false alarm - fire Lost vehicle Locked keys in car Overdose Welfare check - overdose, heart attack, angry man Felon with a gun shows up at gun range Broke down car. Stolen gun from ammunation Stolen car Clothes theft from mega mall Highway suicide Suicidal highway walk. -- call in boyfriend for help. - clinical treatment. - father problems. Two people calls - Domestic violence abuse Noise call Dispute at store Accident- Male has a warrant - out for arrest multiple location check. Like they did in GTA IV. (Work, home, hangout)
  2. This wouldn't be something I am against. In a sense where if a lot of the community members and a select few of the non members that we actually have on our radar would only be able to join. Then yes I would see no problem chipping in.
  3. Unfortunately that's not currently possible.
  4. I want to +1 the /P and /pclear , I think that this would make things a lot faster instead of us yelling through the teamspeak that we need help. If a big red/blue message pops up saying !Alert! !Alert! Officer needs help at X street and X ave. Anything to clear up the coms on teamspeak would greatly improve our gaming experience and relieve frustrations throughout the night.
    This car is awwwesum Great Job as always Bugzilla