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  1. Pew

    I advise you to click on the link that Raymond posted it will answer all your questions.
  2. hi zoya im new on high speed couldnt join the public five m server because it says restricted level cu or higher so thought id look here on how to connect i havent played any hours though just wanna join friendly wont cause grief but have no headset currently any advice on how to get on the server how can i get 25 hours if i cant join to build up hours ? 

    1. Alex Cortez

      Alex Cortez

      You play when the server isn't restricted.

    2. Oblique
  3. I am now going to enforce this as of now if you are in the TS3 tags channel do not put what tags you need. We will contact you as for the Member Rank you have to do an application period No and,if's or but's. Do not message me about your Civ application as this is not my department at all. If your application is not in the post-approval section on the forums do not message me. Please for Christ-shake check the section to see if your application is denied or post-approval. I am now getting annoyed with people not reading on the forums or searching on the forum's for answer's. If I am in my office and not in the interview room do not message me. When you see a D/C that means I am busy doing something atm. Please refrain from bothering me. If you need an interview I will contact you first do not contact me as I will ignore you. I am checking the post-approval to see who is in the TS3 or not. 

  4. It's called filling out an application.
  5. And then people want to know why the servers are locked. And for Pworks where are the ones that are verified to do this.
  6. I'm sorry to say we have no control over the permanent ban only the director can lift that off of you so I would wait for the director response on the forums.
  7. Okay so here the update which most of you already know. FiveM sent out an update and now everything is broke. I have message buggs about it and if Romaine gets on I message him. To Clarify I can not reset the servers at all. I have had people message me about this and I tell them I have no control over the server restart nor do I have special permission to restart the server. Only @Romaine Brooks & @Bxbugs123 can. 

    1. Oblique


      Thanks for the update!!

  8. Sadly there no training schedule when it happens it happens. We had training yesterday for the new trainees and IDK about the other one yet. All I know Monk comes in and says training will start in about so many mins.
  9. You are already late for this as many have already ripped it off and also your ideas have already been copied by other communities. As for the vehicle registration, Gavin set that up for a reason to do all of this all of the scripts will have to be redone and Gavin will not do it. We have already put this in front of him and with a busy schedule with him we won't know when that going to get done. As I heard this website will be redone completely and all the information will be wiped. Right now there is no upgrade for this site as this site has lost its upgrade licenses to be upgraded to the newest software. As for the jail, we do not have a proper jailing system to past 10 min due to the fact that people will leave and come back not like other servers where someone leaves and try to join it put them back in jail. These suggestion you are making we already know about and we told Gavin about it and nothing has been added including some vehicle suggestion. But we have a bigger issue right now that needs to be dealt with. To do this we will have to disable the trainers completely which is already been talked about.
  10. 64 slots will be crazy
  11. Please do not report on this topic as it is not old news. I did this before yokas decided to do another without researching to see if there was one already
  12. Before I lock this we have no control over the script side this is only for one of our server developers which he has been busy in RL. Right now our scripts are already buggy and need to be updated for that type of feature to be added but when we try to bring these feature and the developer decided not to add them for some odd reason. But we don't know the feature hold for HSG since now Take-Two is being a jerk towards the modding community saying stupid things like Modding GTA is illegal now which this is going to be a big war at hand. There are some things that the members of this community have been left in the dark which most of you are not aware of and this is why I'm keeping my silence on this. I will allow couple more reply and then it will be locked.
  13. Sorry but your suggestion will be denied. This is how the Director has it set up since 2016 and this is how it suppose to be. He was the one that made it as it is too many have abused the power that was granted to them and it was removed.
  14. For your trooper 2 is earned not by hours and it is up to either the major or First Sergeant to do so. So basically I'm in charge of the police ranks.
  15. Number 1 is you need to let us know that you are a Streamer if not you will get removed for members who have applied.