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  1. i have noticed alot of Admin abuse power. I seen other admins that will not even give a warning to someone that they did something wrong. There some that will give you a warning and there some that just don't want to deal with the issue. I have been poke so much from other people on why they got ban for and I have to tell them that I wasn't even on the server. I think of given people warning first and then try to talk to them about what they did wrong and try to explain to them on what they can and what they can not do in the server.
  2. To become a CU you need to be on the server for a large amount of time. Once we see that you are doing well in the server then we will send the Server Director a list of names of approve players. But now this might changed that you might have to become a member to do LEO/Fire/Ems.
  3. Once your application is in the pre-approve section an HSG staff will post that you need to join our TS3 for an interview depending on what you sign up as. Once there you will go to the channel that will say waiting for interview.
  4. I do agree to this. It is time for HSG to get a major overhaul and start listening. I am starting to get tired of the GTAO players who doesn't RP at all. It's hard for me to go on duty as cop because each time i sit in the police channel and listen all you can hear is pursuit after pursuit, bank robberies back to back, shooting back to back. We need to get a firm grip back on the servers again this has gone too far. People with recruit status needs to be trained on how to do things the proper way.
  5. This section if for Reporting player or staff.
  6. Number 1 a Server Director will have to look at this as you are Permanently Banned. Sorry once you are P-ban there nothing we can do at all. Wish other people would take pic of the ban screen when they get ban and upload it. This will help out a lot if a person is Temp or Permanently Banned.
  7. TheChronicGamer New Video: 


  8. the trolling will never stop when you have TheChronicGamer around and the copy cats.
  9. Not me because this is against PoliceWag who is an admin. PoliceWag needs to reply to this or romaine or it just needs to be locked.
  10. The script bugs out. The reason behind this is we have been getting heavily trolled alot. This troll has been recording himself doing things in our servers and then upload them. But now we have to watch out for him and copy cats.
  11. You are not the only one. These trolls are really being annoying they come into our server record them doing things on the server then uploading them to youtube. They do not care about the rules at all.
  12. can we talk




  13. Dilan it is easy just to search the forums for information on how things work. There is no sense of keep coming back and trying to argue on the ban forum. Your ban is only temporarily but if you can't sit there and search and read up on it then you will never understand anything on what you did wrong. Look into the server information section on the forum if that don't help then message someone about it. If you have a suggestion put it in the suggestion section.
  14. Which one there are many wolf's but with your ban appeal not complete it will get denied.
  15. Actually you do have to ask an admin because this isn't SAMP. Everything here is done differently so what every you done on SAMP will stay on SAMP you can not carry that from SAMP to 5 Reborn. Each community has a set of rules and guidelines that everyone has to follow by. Like I'm going to say before saying on what experience you have why not read the rules of the community first.