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  1. I'm sorry to say this will not happen as this is part of the new system. We are not SOE and do not have the dealership implemented or other things yet. it is also part of our plate checking system.
  2. The answer is no. The age limit was already set when the community first started.
  3. Can I become a cop on the server 

    1. Knwolf30


      you will need 25 hours on the server and a tag and training


  4. Hey Wolf, hope this wont disturb. But how is my ban appeal going? I want to start playing as soon as possible. 

  5. Someone just poke me in TS saying about a car mod that had a virus that was attached to it that was installed on our servers. If you was affected by this please let us know. 

  6. Topic Locked: We are going to wait and see what the director say about this.
  7. There no need to make another post about your banned right now we are just waiting on a response from the director so please be patient. Topic Locked
  8. I am trying to get some admins in one of the servers so I don't get poked a lot. I had to lock server 1 down due to there was no admin on server 2. It has been total chaos on server 1 then server 2 so please bear with us as we sort this out.
  9. The Ts3 was Restarted
  10. hi can i get cu level i have played 30 houers on the server

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    2. Knwolf30


      its because we have to change it In-game

    3. alriben


      thanks, one of your admins, burner changed it for me in game and on TS.

    4. Knwolf30


      bruner can't change it in-game he only A2 - I changed it in-game only A3 can change the level

  11. Topic Locked: Waiting for a response from the Director
  12. Number 1 we do not need people to Rp as Park Ranger no need too. Due to the limitation of FiveM with the player cap there no need to do any type of Park Ranger Rp. It is only available during that session and that session only if that person that gives the okay leaves then it is terminated. You will have to ask someone else for permission and if they give you the answer then you need to follow that. There is no need to argue with the staff or with the supervisor at all. When we tell you something you end up getting salty and trying to argue your point. When we say no that means no and we have a valid reason for that answer. Stop taken things into your own hand and think things are okay when they are not. Topic Locked: Waiting for response from SmokinMonk. Note: This topic will remain locked until SmokinMonk has stated his opinion about this. This topic shall not be unlocked until he made his statement.
  13. Instead of saying worst RP server every how about this. We all have real lives and can't be there 24/7. We have tons of reports that comes thru and it may take some time to get to it. If people don't report or have video proof on what is going on then we can't help you. Most of the cops are CU because our police jobs aren't set to members and some of the freshly officers haven't gone thru training yet. Now we do have some people who aren't cops at all and they are impersonating police officers.
  14. You wouldn't get a permanent ban for a warning - You get temp banned. Sometimes if we get reports sometimes people will report the wrong ID and then the innocent person gets banned for no reason.
  15. That shouldn't have banned you at all could be a glitch. I ask bugs about it.