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  1. Only Bugs or Romaine gives that out so keep trying to ask one of those two.
  2. Just stopping by saying hello. My job been keeping me busy atm.  So how is everyone doing.

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    2. RainWater


      Sup, Awesome 


    3. Vyrilis


      nice very good!

    4. D. Genovese

      D. Genovese

      hey bud how you been? Long time no see! Miss ya bud!

  3. Hey bud! Glad to see you around on the Web :)

    1. Hiriko37


      thx but you can talk to me on steam all you want. I have just been working a lot.

  4. As a friend it was nice playing with you on Highspeed, I look forward to seeing you again in the future but it is still sad to see that you have left. You have put in a lot of time and effort to keeping the server running and I am sure we all appreciate that. Have a good adventure bud!

    1. Hiriko37


      I left for many reasons. Plus now since I have a job now and I'm not stressed out as much anymore. Also, there are other games that are are coming out that I want to play instead of playing FiveM all the time.

  5. Here the problem no-one checks out the /help which tells people of the commands /o - Global chat /fillup - You have to face the pump to fill-up /eng - turn off your engine Hold the N button down to speak
  6. Sorry, but without proof, We can't grant you the hours that you have. You will have to remake them back up.
  7. As of now, I will not grant anyone their hours back unless everyone has proof. If you do not have proof then you will have to make them back up the old way.
  8. Before we could not restore anyone hours before because there was no command to restore anyone hours as an admin only the Director or developer could do that. Well, now we can update people hours now.
  9. Just to clarify we are not the only ones with this issue atm. All this started to happen when FIveM decided to release both the Import/Export DLC & the Gunrunning DLC at once. There is nothing we can do until FIveM fixes their software so please be patient as the higher ups are on vacation.
  10. Can you get on TS3
  11. I am now going to enforce this as of now if you are in the TS3 tags channel do not put what tags you need. We will contact you as for the Member Rank you have to do an application period No and,if's or but's. Do not message me about your Civ application as this is not my department at all. If your application is not in the post-approval section on the forums do not message me. Please for Christ-shake check the section to see if your application is denied or post-approval. I am now getting annoyed with people not reading on the forums or searching on the forum's for answer's. If I am in my office and not in the interview room do not message me. When you see a D/C that means I am busy doing something atm. Please refrain from bothering me. If you need an interview I will contact you first do not contact me as I will ignore you. I am checking the post-approval to see who is in the TS3 or not. 

  12. Okay so here the update which most of you already know. FiveM sent out an update and now everything is broke. I have message buggs about it and if Romaine gets on I message him. To Clarify I can not reset the servers at all. I have had people message me about this and I tell them I have no control over the server restart nor do I have special permission to restart the server. Only @Romaine Brooks & @Bxbugs123 can. 

    1. Oblique


      Thanks for the update!!

  13. Please do not report on this topic as it is not old news. I did this before yokas decided to do another without researching to see if there was one already
  14. Number 1 is you need to let us know that you are a Streamer if not you will get removed for members who have applied.
  15. M1 ranks are for those who have applied for it. If you have not applied for it then you don't get M1. You might have had CU and nothing more.