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  1. Connecting to Servers

    Hey! Welcome to Highspeed-Gaming! 1) You can connect by either looking up "Highspeed-Gaming" in the Server browser on FiveM! Or you can direct connect by using the IPs (Server 1: (Open server) fivem.highspeed-gaming.com:704 Server 2: (Members only) fivem.highspeed-gaming.com:7045) 2) As a short run down, when you first join, you will be given the rank CR. From there you will need to gain 30-50 hours WITHOUT ADMIN INFRACTIONS . If you get no infractions, you should be given CU. From there you can then apply to either CIV/SASP/SanFire given you have the correct amount of time required to join. If you do get accepted, you will be given M1 status. For more indepth, take a look at this link made by one of the DVs! 3) This process takes as long as you make it take, if you play 2 hours each week. It will take a long time. Just play and have fun, it will come faster then you think. also for an extra thing, take a look at this link. It will help a lot. http://highspeed-gaming.com/Forum/index.php?/topic/3119-getting-started-on-high-speed-gaming-updated/ If you need anymore help, don't be afraid to message me. I sometimes don't bite >:)
  2. Slick Top looks amazing

    With the amazing looking model @Adrian Mattis
  3. Why is paleto up here? :Thonking:

    Models are @D. Rashkovski @Officer Bark
  4. S.E.A.R

    Model is @D. Rashkovski
  5. This means you are only CR, you have to wait until it is unrestricted to CR.
  6. Having trouble loading police skins

    This is a known issue. Use chargers or one of the other approved vehicles until this issue is fixed :)
  7. Ready to Head out

    Yeah, it was an event hosted by @J. Richardson
  8. S.E.A.R

    Ft @Squareheaddude
  9. Getting Ready

  10. Retro Response

  11. We all knew da wae

    Was gonna upvote, but I hate this meme so take this angry face instead. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
  12. Trucking - Broken Load

    This has been a known issue. Couple threads have been made!
  13. S.E.A.R

    Photo taken by @Thebomb491
  14. Air-1 Waiting for daylight.