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  1. If you don't have legit copy of grand theft auto v then you cannot play here.
  2. complaint

    d3dx9 is one of the people in Rage-MP. used to be in FiveM which is now GTA:Orange
  3. complaint

    I also found this somebody should look into it. https://rage.mp/
  4. complaint

    Hope it don't turn out to be all buggy and awful.
  5. complaint

    I think GTA-Orange is dead. Don't forget that GTA:Network is still on the Beta am pretty sure their will add at least some kind of support for it i will have to ask on GTAN forums.
  6. complaint

    Or you can make a suggestions topic to switch to GTA network then we can control the slots i can also tell everyone that the sync on GTA:N is better & how you can set the limit of streams which i really like. Why i think we should switch to GTA:N. 1: FiveReborn updates are unless and makes more issues. 2: FiveReborn is using a awful old patch which makes me lose at least 20-FPS. (BEEN A ISSUE FOR OVER A YEAR) 3: Poor Developers on FiveReborn feel like the updates are nothing then just garbage to HSG 4: when you connect to a server you have to close the game and reopen it to join another server. (BEEN A ISSUE FOR OVER A YEAR) 5: The disconnect button dose not even work. (BEEN A ISSUE FOR OVER A YEAR) 6: No support for Openiv because guess what FiveReborn release updates to block it. 7: No scripting documentation. (BEEN A ISSUE FOR OVER A YEAR) 8: Servers cannot control the fucking server slots which we have requested so many times and yet FR Developers want to ignore us. (BEEN A ISSUE FOR THE FIRST RELEASE) 9: Some how my game keeps going on window mode guess what (BEEN A ISSUE FOR THE FIRST RELEASE)
  7. Reported him. A troll that still lives in mom's basement what a childish prick. he won't be trolling on videos games again if someone knocked on his front door.
  8. complaint

    I feel this topic should have been posted at https://www.fivereborn.com/ feel free to make a Complaint against the server slots that we cannot control we would love to have 100 player slots to stop this issue
  9. Wait for one of the admins who can restart it.
  10. If we had the power to turn up the server slots we would have to avoid this issue i understand this upsets almost every non-member in our community and maybe fivereborn will get updated so we can handle the server slots but at the moment we can't sadly. Also don't forget that our community admins need to connect on the server to ban players for rule breaking.
  11. It would need some (rework) if the damage is over powered.
  12. There is away to do that but i also like the vehicle-break timing on IV if all the physics was converted to V it be a better gameplay. When Grand theft auto V came out i was disappointed on how shit the vehicle physics & AI's / Fighting
  13. I really did like the driving physics in grand theft auto iv it's still way better then V in my point of view am not sure if this can be put onto the server but it would be nice.
  14. Very useful i didn't know you can save settings after you change them.