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  1. If you don't have legit copy of grand theft auto v then you cannot play here.
  2. Server Complaint

    d3dx9 is one of the people in Rage-MP. used to be in FiveM which is now GTA:Orange
  3. Server Complaint

    I also found this somebody should look into it. https://rage.mp/
  4. Server Complaint

    I think GTA-Orange is dead. Don't forget that GTA:Network is still on the Beta am pretty sure their will add at least some kind of support for it i will have to ask on GTAN forums.
  5. Unable to Join - Crashing Game

    Wait for one of the admins who can restart it.
  6. Very useful i didn't know you can save settings after you change them.
  7. Community Guidelines http://highspeed-gaming.com/Forum/index.php?/community-guidelines/
  8. My game is crashing

  9. Getting kicked