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  1. 200 Content Count huh? This Milestone, again?

    Well, I suppose the least I can do is give out a huge thank you to everyone who has so far helped me out, been friends, or just spoken to me during my time on HighSpeed-Gaming.
    I just think it's so darn humbling that we're joined here just by a bond, we all share in common, Roleplay. And like a tree, we all spread out from that but link together at one point.

    Whilst I've only been a Member for just about 6 Months, (But been here for around 2 Years!) it sure has been an amazing 6 Months, and here's to another 6!

  2. Hi all! It's so heart warming to be back around here, I've never had such incomprehensible, idocy with British Internet Providers. It has took me about a month to get a 10mbps connection, and this is the best they provide. Only 1 ISP in my area too, so...

    Anyways, nevermind that, hello again everyone!

  3. Thank you to everybody who has helped me with my monumentous achievement today of becoming M3 - I cannot say thank you enough to everbody who has supported me!

  4. Hi all, would just like to let everyone know that you might not be seeing my face as much anymore because I'm moving house, and it's a bit of a mess.
    Things like broadband won't be available for a little while when I get there, plus, I am starting again school soon.

    I hope to see you all on the other side!

    1. James Mcain

      James Mcain

      Take all the time you need my man! You know school is after the thing you should focus on more than playing video games(even tho some might disagree but at least that what's recommended). Anyways wish you the best of luck in the near future, and as always I'll cya ya around!

  5. AustinoInc

    He's Finished

    Cop: "Don't move a muscle!" Him: *Blinks* Cop: "OPEN FIRE!" *A pulverized mess on the floor*
  6. Vyrillis Man is very good Vyrillis Man!

  7. Follow the trend, or make the trend.

  8. AustinoInc

    It's A Legitimate Practice...

    Yikes! Seems Zamir got it worse off than me. Counting my prayers now...
  9. Uhhh, if needs be just look at my A to Z Guide - it's listed and installation process on there.
  10. Glad to see that the forum is back up and functioning!

  11. You've gotta keep your head high, and don't be let down in the moment.

    Stay positive.

  12. AustinoInc


    "Style" Style is having a Dominator GTX in the Grand Senora Desert? Hmmmmmm
  13. AustinoInc

    Railway Police Transporting

    Nice to see some GoLoco Police out! Amazing car!
  14. AustinoInc


    Daym SASP pays well. Well done Green!
  15. AustinoInc


    Parachuting? Rain? Drunk? Uh oh.