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  1. Vyrillis Man is very good Vyrillis Man!

  2. HighSpeed-Gaming A-Z Tutorial

    Hi all! I quick update here from me, I have updated the Lambda Menu listed in this article. I must note that this is a third-party Lambda Menu which has been added, not maintained by CitizenFX. (FiveM) If you choose to download the origonal, you can here. If you would like the new one, download it here.
  3. Follow the trend, or make the trend.

  4. It's A Legitimate Practice...

    Yikes! Seems Zamir got it worse off than me. Counting my prayers now...
  5. Uhhh, if needs be just look at my A to Z Guide - it's listed and installation process on there.
  6. Glad to see that the forum is back up and functioning!

  7. You've gotta keep your head high, and don't be let down in the moment.

    Stay positive.

  8. FPS lag looking West

    Hia, it's probably because you're looking towards some trees, which does increase the lag a bit. (Because there are more trees) Whilst some people with beefy computers can run the mod fine, some without cannot. The treets are amazing, but I don't like thme at the expense of playe experience.
  9. Style

    "Style" Style is having a Dominator GTX in the Grand Senora Desert? Hmmmmmm
  10. Railway Police Transporting

    Nice to see some GoLoco Police out! Amazing car!
  11. Finest

    Daym SASP pays well. Well done Green!
  12. Parachuting

    Parachuting? Rain? Drunk? Uh oh.
  13. Oh shit

  14. David Versus Goliath

    Look! There's me! That was a brilliant Roleplay Ben, I did enjoy it whilst it lasted.
  15. Oh shit

    Nasty man! Perfect screenshot timing too, R* Editor?