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  1. Mark Wolf

    State of Public Works

    As most of you may be aware I have taken control of SanTrans and Public Works again. I felt It was not moving in the right direction under current leadership I left it with several months ago. So I am striving now to make public works more active then it was before. I will push the best I can to get guys trained to work side by side with SASP,BCSO, LSPD, Fire and EMS. Or any other department not named here. Goals Right Now Roster. Employee Reviews and Active Personnel Training. Community Outreach and question answering. Protocol updates to go along with SA DOT and SASP Penal codes. Vehicle Guideline Changes to follow along with Protocols. Striving for a safer environment for my employees and much better system for communication with Law Enforcement. If any of you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Tutorial - Proper Security RP

    Good Write up!
  4. Thanks for bringing some great role play Princess.

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    Make Visuals Great Again

    Le Gasp wrong skin for the area! :P
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    MAGWolf's Album

    Random Stuff
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    Break Time

    Got to be able to customize something since they make them drive turd colored crown vics :/
  8. I lost member access again on forums? Blue text is back to grey text.

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    EBT being driven up the wall again.
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    Alex needs to retake his drivers test.
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    Raptor thinks hes cool.
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    Lester the Molester finnaly getting what he deserves.
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    Early morning disturbance.