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  1. Bestial

  2. Geting Hours Back & Rank back on the Roster

    So why not post on your original Forum account then? None of that has been lost.
  3. I helped him earlier. He was as able to get on. Had to wipe FiveM completely from his PC.
  4. Months of sevice tag

    Not given out regularly. Asking will probably not get you it. Sorry.

    Issues will be under investigation and or Resolved for now. Anymore issues arrise please contact adminstration again.
  6. Getting M1 tags in game

    Did you want me to remove this topic for you then @magma since it has been resolved?
  7. And if we see people using them they will be removed from the server. We shouldn't have to remove a function because people can't follow the rules.
  8. Thanks for bringing some great role play Princess.

  9. Authorization CU level or higher

    Casual Unrestricted (CU) is a rank that is earned by both play time and ability to Role Play. It can only be granted by a Admin Rank 3 or Above. Having a clean record and ability to use common sense is a plus. I do also recommend hopping on the teamspeak and getting to know people. ts3.highspeed-gaming.com
  10. I lost member access again on forums? Blue text is back to grey text.

  11. LAPD Light Bar Problems!

    delte folder fivereborn/cache/Servers "Servers" sometimes helps