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  1. The following troopers are eligible for promotion and have been reranked as of the 15th of October, 2017: T2 > MT W. Lumet T1 > T2 J. Kelly G. Porta G. Chapman
  2. T. Woods J. Gray K. Bacon J. Richardson M. Anderson R. Reddington A. Wells D. Murray You have all been accepted into the training pipeline for TRU. Sgt Reddington and Cpl Gray have been billeted into TRU as Team Leaders however are not yet certified to perform TRU duties. Troopers shall expect theoretical instruction soon.
  3. The grace period for those who haven't read the Policies and Procedures manual is over. Ignorance will no longer be an excuse. Furthermore, failure to check the forums will no longer be an excuse for not being informed of changes to the department. Every trooper should be checking the SASP section of the forums before they go on duty each day and they should all know the policies and procedures of the San Andreas State Police. If you can't find the manual, look in the library. Future breaches of SASP policy will be treated as misconduct. Do what you are supposed to be doing, and there wont be any issue for your time here.
  4. Approved and Processed 15/10/2017
  5. Approved and Processed, 15/10/2017
  6. Update, Requirement for primary duty posting to be 02 Patrol has been removed.
  7. Update, Applications are now open to Trooper IIs
  8. Approved and Processed 12OCT2017
  9. All hands, Applications for 08 Tactical Response Unit Training Pipeline are open. For a complete rundown of the duties, polices and procedures of the unit, refer to the following document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ksCDLxZMwITVCysjQmM0HdcsidJMD2zZpCPpFOxSDRo/edit?usp=sharing Prior to acceptance into the TRU, applicants are required to go through the TRU training pipeline. The pipeline consists of four stages (phases 2-5), totaling five classes and two examinations. Failure to receive a passing grade in any stage will disqualify you from being eligible for selection for TRU. The training is brutal. You will be placed under considerable stress and judged on your ability to perform in adverse conditions. Only the best performing troopers will be selected for entry into the TRU. Requirements for Entry into the Training Pipeline - Grade Trooper II or above. - No reprimand or disciplinary action taken against you in the past thirty days. - Ability to attend all phases of the training pipeline. - Ability and willingness to attend weekly training if selected for TRU. - Aged 17 or above at time of application. - Must be willing to drop current secondary duty posting. Exceptions to these requirements WILL NOT BE MADE. Application Format Name: Age (OOC): Time in Service: Grade: Time in Grade: Current Postings (Primary and Secondary): Previous Postings: Reason for application (300 Words): Applications are to be posted as a response to this post. Failure to adhere to format, post in the right place or meet requirements will result in immediate rejection.
  10. Currently, T2 > MT is the range where you are able to start applying for divisions. That being said, perhaps a little more incentive would be good. I'll look into it, thanks.
  11. Approved and Processed
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m92qgHx0oonX_s7DYoJgHALeHpc1CBeEH4pK7VUh2X4/edit?usp=sharing As many of you are aware, the duties of supervisors has largely changed with the new systems we utilize within the SASP. Corporals are now the primary party responsible for the maintenance and development of our ranks. To facilitate this transition, structure was added to the SASP and its divisions. Each corporal was made responsible for a small number of Troopers, in what is called a section. In the case of Patrol, there are three sections per troop, with three troops making up 02 Patrol Division. Each troop is commanded by a Sergeant and a Lieutenant who work together as the XO and CO of that troop, then reporting to the Division Commander. Now is the time that we start working under this system. The roles and responsibilities of these supervisors has changed. Where previously, supervisors were appointed based on proficiency with the main purpose of micromanaging troopers on the server, they are now primarily responsible for the maintenance of rosters, ensuring proficiency within their sections/troops and providing support to troopers through conflict remediation and general questions. I have faith that our troopers do not need micromanaging on the server. You are all knowledgeable and proficient enough to dispense your duties autonomously. While your immediate supervisors or the active shift supervisor (watch commander) are still responsible for you, ideally they will not need to intervene with anything you do unless you ask them for guidance. With great power comes great responsibility. The expectations we place on each trooper are much higher than under any previous staffing. We grant you the ability to patrol without being impeded, in return we expect nothing but the highest standard of professionalism while you wear our uniform. If you know no one else in the SASP, know your immediate supervisor and each member of your section. They are your family. Your corporal is here to help you with any issues you may have. Likewise, a corporal should know everyone in his section and ensure they are active, well trained and well equipped. Section supervisors will be the backbone of the State Police as we move forward. The Sergeants of the State Police have changed as well. While previously they performed minor administrative duties if asked, they are now administrative pack horses. They are responsible for the development of division policy, ensure rosters are maintained and provide higher level support. Finally, your Lieutenants are overall, responsible for the divisions as a whole. They are the ultimate CO of the division/unit to which they are posted and ensure that everything is running as intended. From this, you may take the following: - If you are a Trooper, get to know everyone in your section/unit and make active efforts to stay in touch with your section supervisor. They are the first person you go to if you have any issues. No longer will you be jumping up the chain straight to Dent, Reddington or Romaine for your minor questions. In addition, if you maintain contact with your supervisor, they are more likely to help you out during times where you just can't manage to stay active. - Corporals, find out which section you are in charge of. Get to know everyone in that section. It is your job. - Sergeants, start working out how to perform these administrative duties. I am around when you want to go over exactly what it is your are needed to be doing. All the postings within SASP are found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m92qgHx0oonX_s7DYoJgHALeHpc1CBeEH4pK7VUh2X4/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Bump. I have only received one application. I am expecting all junior supervisors to apply.
  14. Alright, we have had a week or so to get used to the new policies and procedures, and gauge how they fit with the way we work as SASP. Now is your time to make comments and suggestions based on your experiences. What has worked well? What hasn't worked as intended? What do you feel is too restrictive? All constructive criticism and feedback is welcome from everyone within SASP. I want to hear your thoughts.