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  2. Today I resign from the Office of the Assistant Fire Chief with the San Andreas Fire Department. This is the consequence of a myriad of reasons that have made serving this role too stressful for me to continue under the current conditions. I leave the SAFD in the confident hands of the Fire Chief and his supporting ranking staff. Good luck to you all, I'll miss many of you dearly. :)


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    2. Vixen


      @J. Granger — Thanks man, catcha ya around.

      @Oblique — Cheers mate! Same to you.

      @Alex Cortez — Love ya work, Alex. Good luck with everything. Keep an eye on Miksu for me, I'll miss him and Jay. They've both done so much for me and Fire/EMS on HSG. ;)

      ~ Adiós!

    3. poopac


      Hope to see you back in the future, take care bud :)


    4. Vixen


      @poopac — Thanks bud!! You too.

  3. The sidebar appeared for a few weeks after I posted this, but it has disappeared once again... :/
  4. Sad to see you go, mate. I do wish you all the best and hope to see you around. :D
  5. The HSG Fire/EMS website has been updated with a revamped style and format! — check it out! 

    1. Jay Ross

      Jay Ross

      omg omg omg I LOVE IT! <3

  6. Yeah, thank AI for that.
  7. The Fire Command, EMS Directorate and EMS Command manage the assignment of all elevated Department positions while the Instructors elevate people within the core operational ranks (primarily based on knowledge and proficiency). I cannot speak for SAMR, but the SAFD will not be changing our methodologies. We will promote when we decide it is appropriate and deserving.
  8. Fire/EMS shared a private Discord server that we post announcements on training and stuff, so our guys always know the exact date and time they can expect something to happen. So something like this would be useful for SASP particularly, I reckon. I do hear from a lot of SASP-members that they find it irritating trying to be online at the right time for a training, as they have no heads-up prior.
  9. This is what the Forum Support section is for; matters relating to forum-related issues.
  10. You've mis-spelt your email address if I am correct; you wrote "twtich" instead of "twitch" — perhaps change the email address and then try.
  11. Redacted comment. Misunderstood the account he was referring to.
  12. HSG Fire & Rescue | FF/B MACROS San Andreas Training Center for Emergency Services Hi all, In supplement to the now available SATCES Basic Firefighting course, I present the first installment of Department-issued executable (and source file) that covers all the in-game actions involved in formal FF/B training and activities proceeding it. Attached is two copies; one—an executable that does not require any third-party software, and two—the source .ahk file that will function if you have AutoHotKey installed on your computer. I wish to thank and acknowledge the work of @John ONeill for his contribution to this. The SAFD has been in liaison with John from months ago, and the Fire Command wishes to thank him for approaching us initially, and guiding us through the advancement of these macros. This is intended for those who have their FF/B qualification or expect to be undertaking their FF/B training soon. Here is a complete list of the macros that can be used. Remember to use 't' to bring up the in-game text chat, and be sure not to press any other key aside from that in the macro shortcut, or you will need to close and re-open the chat box. The text in bold is what you should type in-game. bunker gear Put on bunker gear dress Put on dress uniform get scba Put on SCBA return scba Take off SCBA open spill comp Open SCC open attack comp Open AC open e comp Open EXC open safety comp Open SC open electrical comp Open EC open pre-connect comp Open PCC open medical comp Open MC open tools comp Open TC open rescue comp Open RC close spill comp Close SCC close attack comp Close AC close e comp Close EXC close safety comp Close SC close electrical comp Close EC close pre-connect comp Close PCC close medical comp Close MC close tools comp Close TC close rescue comp Close RC grab hydrant wrench Grabs hydrant wrench return hydrant wrench Returns hydrant wrench hoist hose Hoist up hose place hose Put down hose remove hydrant cap Take off hydrant cap returns hydrant cap Put hydrant cap on flushes hydrant Flush the hydrant open hydrant Release water from hydrant close hydrant Stop water flow from hydrant connect hydrant Connect hose to hydrant remove hydrant Disconnect hose from hydrant apply p brake Apply parking brake release p brake Release parking brake pto pump Set PTO to pump pto drive Set PTO to drive set chocks Deploy wheel chocks return chocks Pack up wheel chocks open ttp Open T>P stream close ttp Close T>P stream rollup Rollup hoses on rear tray connect [a/b/c/d] Connect line to discharge disconnect [a/b/c/d] Disconnect line from discharge charge [a/b/c/d/deck gun/pre-connect 1/pre-connect 2] Charge line pressure [a/b/c/d/deck gun/pre-connect 1/pre-connect 2] Pressurize line depressurize lines Depressurize all lines EXECUTABLE (recommended): AHK SCRIPT: Please report any bugs (not BxBugs or BayAreaBuggs) you notice and I'll sort them out and update the files here. A reminder that this script only covers the FF/B course, and more will come to cover further areas in Intermediate and Advanced firefighting. Have fun! - Vixen
  13. Some pictures from a SAMR-developed Emergency Medical Responder course... Some of these are server loading screen worthy I reckon... Some of the other guys also got some pictures, I encourage them to post them below.