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  1. Today I resign from the Office of the Assistant Fire Chief with the San Andreas Fire Department. This is the consequence of a myriad of reasons that have made serving this role too stressful for me to continue under the current conditions. I leave the SAFD in the confident hands of the Fire Chief and his supporting ranking staff. Good luck to you all, I'll miss many of you dearly. :)


  2. What are the required mods? Where are they?

    If you do not install it, some assets within the server with fail to behave correctly. They may have incorrect liveries, faulty lights, and so forth. I strongly recommend downloading it.
  3. Read this for an explanation of the authorization system. When in game, type /myinfo to see what level you are.
  4. required authorization level cu or higher

    They change it frequently in accordance with the requirements of the server. It is at the discretion of the Admins to decide when to change the level.
  5. It was doing it last night too
  6. Crashing on connect after loadscreen

    Hmm. I haven't seen this sort of error before. Have you installed all the files necessary for the HSG server?
  7. Try clicking on the Multiplayer tab and then clicking on the gears icon to that panel to put the IP in. Sometimes when I'd try clicking on the gears icon before clicking on the Multiplayer tab itself, it wouldn't work. Oh, and I've been using gta.highspeed-gaming.com as the IP to connect to. Gl.