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  1. Great fella. I can attest that is has been a pleasure to work with the Corporal; he has always been cooperative and supportive with other agencies. notably Fire from my perspective. +1.
  2. Today I resign from the Office of the Assistant Fire Chief with the San Andreas Fire Department. This is the consequence of a myriad of reasons that have made serving this role too stressful for me to continue under the current conditions. I leave the SAFD in the confident hands of the Fire Chief and his supporting ranking staff. Good luck to you all, I'll miss many of you dearly. :)


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    2. Sam Thompson

      Sam Thompson

      @J. Granger — Thanks man, catcha ya around.

      @Oblique — Cheers mate! Same to you.

      @Alex Cortez — Love ya work, Alex. Good luck with everything. Keep an eye on Miksu for me, I'll miss him and Jay. They've both done so much for me and Fire/EMS on HSG. ;)

      ~ Adiós!

    3. OPGamer99


      Hope to see you back in the future, take care bud :)


    4. Sam Thompson

      Sam Thompson

      @poopac — Thanks bud!! You too.

  3. The HSG Fire/EMS website has been updated with a revamped style and format! fdems.highspeed-gaming.com — check it out! 

    1. Jay Ross

      Jay Ross

      omg omg omg I LOVE IT! <3

  4. The Fire Command, EMS Directorate and EMS Command manage the assignment of all elevated Department positions while the Instructors elevate people within the core operational ranks (primarily based on knowledge and proficiency). I cannot speak for SAMR, but the SAFD will not be changing our methodologies. We will promote when we decide it is appropriate and deserving.
  5. Fire/EMS shared a private Discord server that we post announcements on training and stuff, so our guys always know the exact date and time they can expect something to happen. So something like this would be useful for SASP particularly, I reckon. I do hear from a lot of SASP-members that they find it irritating trying to be online at the right time for a training, as they have no heads-up prior.
  6. Fire Communications | Tones & Frequency Alerts San Andreas Fire Department Hi all, This is a tutorial on how to install and operate the tones necessary to operate as Fire Communications. Formerly, Comms has been handled exclusively by Fire Command, however, we are now permitting for any SAFD-member to be assigned the role as shift Fire Communications (however typically this person should be an Officer). In adherence to Department Communication guidelines, the person may use the following tones in appropriate circumstances. Any mis-use will result in immediate loss of title and further Departmental discipline if deemed necessary. Without further ado, this is a walk through of how to install and operate the system onto your Teamspeak client. 1) Download this .RAR file, and extract it somewhere. 2) In Teamspeak, along the top tool bar, go to Tools > Options (Alt + P). Here, select the Addons on the vertical navigation bar. 3) Along the top, select Browse online. You should now see a search box in the top-right of the dialog. 4) Search for "RP Soundboard" and click on the first (and only) result that appears. Once the page has loaded, scroll until you see the blue button labelled Install, and click it. 5) Once it has installed, you can close the dialog. You may need to restart your Teamspeak client now. 6) Back along the top tool bar, go to Plugins > RP Soundboard > Open Soundboard. 7) You should see a dialog appear, this is the primary interface of the system. At the bottom, you should see an arrow indicating the Configurations section, ensure it is expanded so you can see the options. 8) Here, select Import current configurations — and find the "IMPORT.ini" file that you extracted from the .RAR earlier. 9) Next, you may need to re-select Config 1 at the bottom of the dialog. You should now see three buttons; red, blue, and black. 10) Right-click on the first button (with the label EMERGENCY), and select Advanced Options. 11) The settings dialog should appear. You'll need to select the Browse option in the top-right, and from here you need to locate the EMERGENCY.mp3 file that you extracted from the .RAR before. 12) Once completed, you press Ok, and then repeat steps 10 & 11 for both PROCEED and DISTRESS. 13) Finally, it may require you to restart Teamspeak once more with the latest changes. 14) Done! You should now be able to activate the tones with the buttons (or assign keyboard shortcuts by right-clicking on each and selecting Set hotkey. I recommend using CTRL + 1, CTRL + 2, and CTRL + 3, for emergency, proceed, and distress; respectively). Voilà! Any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reply. -Vix
  7. HSG Fire & Rescue | FF/B MACROS San Andreas Training Center for Emergency Services Hi all, In supplement to the now available SATCES Basic Firefighting course, I present the first installment of Department-issued executable (and source file) that covers all the in-game actions involved in formal FF/B training and activities proceeding it. Attached is two copies; one—an executable that does not require any third-party software, and two—the source .ahk file that will function if you have AutoHotKey installed on your computer. I wish to thank and acknowledge the work of @John ONeill for his contribution to this. The SAFD has been in liaison with John from months ago, and the Fire Command wishes to thank him for approaching us initially, and guiding us through the advancement of these macros. This is intended for those who have their FF/B qualification or expect to be undertaking their FF/B training soon. Here is a complete list of the macros that can be used. Remember to use 't' to bring up the in-game text chat, and be sure not to press any other key aside from that in the macro shortcut, or you will need to close and re-open the chat box. The text in bold is what you should type in-game. bunker gear Put on bunker gear dress Put on dress uniform get scba Put on SCBA return scba Take off SCBA open spill comp Open SCC open attack comp Open AC open e comp Open EXC open safety comp Open SC open electrical comp Open EC open pre-connect comp Open PCC open medical comp Open MC open tools comp Open TC open rescue comp Open RC close spill comp Close SCC close attack comp Close AC close e comp Close EXC close safety comp Close SC close electrical comp Close EC close pre-connect comp Close PCC close medical comp Close MC close tools comp Close TC close rescue comp Close RC grab hydrant wrench Grabs hydrant wrench return hydrant wrench Returns hydrant wrench hoist hose Hoist up hose place hose Put down hose remove hydrant cap Take off hydrant cap returns hydrant cap Put hydrant cap on flushes hydrant Flush the hydrant open hydrant Release water from hydrant close hydrant Stop water flow from hydrant connect hydrant Connect hose to hydrant remove hydrant Disconnect hose from hydrant apply p brake Apply parking brake release p brake Release parking brake pto pump Set PTO to pump pto drive Set PTO to drive set chocks Deploy wheel chocks return chocks Pack up wheel chocks open ttp Open T>P stream close ttp Close T>P stream rollup Rollup hoses on rear tray connect [a/b/c/d] Connect line to discharge disconnect [a/b/c/d] Disconnect line from discharge charge [a/b/c/d/deck gun/pre-connect 1/pre-connect 2] Charge line pressure [a/b/c/d/deck gun/pre-connect 1/pre-connect 2] Pressurize line depressurize lines Depressurize all lines EXECUTABLE (recommended): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9xzhyIkCp-idUtwVHF5SFJSUFk/view?usp=sharing AHK SCRIPT: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9xzhyIkCp-iaFJ4ZU5NLVptRjg/view?usp=sharing Please report any bugs (not BxBugs or BayAreaBuggs) you notice and I'll sort them out and update the files here. A reminder that this script only covers the FF/B course, and more will come to cover further areas in Intermediate and Advanced firefighting. Have fun! - Vixen
  8. Directed primarily towards Server Directorate and Development, however I also put this here to acquire feedback from the Community and SAFD members. Please feel free to comment thoughts. This is not a bash on the work the developers have done on the current Fire & Rescue assets currently in-game; I wish to stress that. Rather, this is a proposal to the Server Directorate and Development staff as we wish to ensure we have the assets available that suit the current operations of our Department. I would like to know if the Directorate and Developers would be willing to permit for SAFD staff and members to develop (at least concepts) textures for our Fire & Rescue vehicles and apparatuses. If this is permissible, we would like to see if we can obtain some templates, and prepare original textures to suit the Department and our organisational structure. Many of our Fire vehicles have 20+ texture slots, many of which are taken up by textures for local police units and agencies that are not used or relevant to our Department. Additionally, the textures are not very unison with how our Department operates, and trying to establish vehicle guidelines is proving to be quite a logistical struggle as some provincial agencies do not share similar decals for the same vehicles. As of currently, we have two sub-agencies of the Department, in addition multiple qualifications that require various assets for their operations. What we come up with would not necessarily have to be put straight into the server, however it could at least give a visual representation to the Directorate and Development on what we're looking for. These assets that we wish to re-consider some texture designs for include the Fire vehicles and player NPCs. If this is something that is possible, we'd love to discuss it. Cheers, Assistant Chief Sam Thompson Fire Command San Andreas Fire Department cc/ Chief Miksu Aho Fire Command San Andreas Fire Department
  9. When in-game, go to pause, across to Settings, and down the vertical selection column to Voice Chat — here you can adjust all your in-game voice options. Increase the sensitivity will increase your volume to other players. I'd recommend getting another person to stand near you, and you make little adjustments and they can give you feedback until they say they can hear you.
  10. Based on the FiveM Server Status page, I believe HSG actually has two additional servers (3 and 4) that can be put online as necessary, however I don't believe they intend to put them online for regular use anytime soon. It's difficult to get the hours, but I strongly recommend joining the HSG Teamspeak when ever you'd like to play as Walker stated above; the more you're noticed as someone who is willing and able to RP, the more likely an Administrator will be to unlock the server for you. I understand the appeal of a votekick function, however, the simple fact is that unfortunately people will abuse it. There's no escaping that, sadly.
  11. It really irritates me when I have police units attempting to dictate what calls to go to, and what I should do on said calls. If we do not have any units available to respond to your 500th officer down call of the night, then, I'm sorry, but we are not going to abandon our current call. Not only are crews providing medical treatment legally required to complete their duties to that patient; being ordered by police to go to another call or to just take them to hospital is not appreciated. We come on to RP as Fire and EMS, and we intend to RP to the fullest extent possible — that is why we are there. We judge what patient needs transport, what calls we prioritize, and how best to conduct our operations on a scene. If we feel an officer is impeding our ability to complete our work promptly, Fire Command and EMS Command will make contact with on-duty SASP supervisors. Fire and EMS use /rx consistently to communicate with police, and if you're unavailable that's fine, however if we're trying to contact police for 20 minutes with no reply, only to get an unrelated "PD TO EMS, need you on Alhambra and Panorama" and then an immediate "need an ETA" then you may find no crew will make their way to you. We're here to help those who need it most, but in order for us to be able to do that; we require the ability to coordinate our appliances, operations, and crews. Please, help us do our job. It's not all about pursuits and shots fired, Fire and EMS like to RP with civilians — actual medical emergencies (asides from an officer shot), search and rescues, and so on. My first and final comment on the matter.
  12. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ SAN ANDREAS FIRE DEPARTMENT FIRE AND RESCUE COVERAGE | 9TH JULY 2017 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ All Fire and Rescue operations are commanded and coordinated under the San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD). This thread serves the purpose to explain all the components of this agency and how this integrates into in-game role-play. So here we go. PROTOCOLS Anyone who plays as Fire and Rescue on the Highspeed-Gaming servers are expected to have read our Fire Protocols. Failure to do so may result in removal from role-play. PROVINCIAL, COUNTY, AND LOCAL DEPARTMENTS Within the State of San Andreas, the SAFD serves as an umbrella governing entity that does not operate any appliances attached to the Department. Rather, the SAFD is responsible for multiple provincial agencies and their individual apparatuses. These agencies include SanFire, Blaine County Fire Rescue, Paleto Bay Fire Department, Los Santos Fire Department, and Los Santos County Fire Department. Each provincial agency has unique identifying emblems and insignias, in addition to appropriate vehicles to suit the ranking staff online. Battalion Chiefs drive the so-called 'Chief' vehicles, which are marked with the provincial agency's details, while the Assistant Chief and Fire Chief use unmarked vehicles equipped with red emergency lights. WHEN NO RANKING STAFF IS ONLINE In the event that there are no ranking staff members online (Fire Lieutenants and above), the lowest numbered FD-# unit is the acting Fire Lieutenant of the shift. They are reserved the right to instruct crews when on-duty, and if a person fails to comply, they can contact an online SMRE official in addition to advising a SAFD ranking staff member when they see them next. VEHICLES All Fire vehicles are required to be equipped with the necessary emergency equipment, however must only use red, orange, and white lights. No blue lights under any circumstances. Personally owned vehicles (POVs) are permitted when role-playing in Blaine County, however they must not have any emergency equipment. When responding to the stations, they may activate their hazard lights to advise other traffic, however other road users are under no obligation to move over for you. Follow all road laws, and if you are unable to make it within five minutes to the station, advise the ranking officer who will instruct you to meet them at the scene. CALL-SIGNS Unlike agencies such as the San Andreas State Police (SASP), the SAFD does not communicate in respect to a person's individual call-sign (ie. FD-4, FD-5, etc.), rather based on their appliance call-sign. Non-members of the SAFD are expected to sign-in to the 'fire job' using their username as their unitid, while members are expected to sign in with their unitid. Over communications, crews will be contacted and dispatched in accordance with the call-sign of their assigned appliance. The only times that a individual call-sign may be used is for communications between crews on-scene, and other extenuating circumstances. FIRE COMMAND The Fire Command consists of the Fire Chief, the Assistant Chief, and the two Battalion Chiefs of the Department. Fire Command will dispatch and coordinate appliances, in addition to handling all radio communications with other agencies. Whatever vehicle the Fire Chief is in, will hereby be known as 'Command 1' (C-1), whatever vehicle is being used by the Assistant Chief will be known as 'Command 2' (C-2), and Battalion Chiefs will use 'Battalion' followed by the number on their vehicle (e.g. the LSFD CVPI has the call-sign 85, and therefore the Battalion Chief driving will be known as Battalion 85). COMMUNICATIONS All communication expectations are outlined in the Fire Communications Policy. UNIFORMS All uniform guidelines and regulations are explained in the Fire Uniforms Policy. AUXILIARY EMERGENCY SERVICE The Auxiliary Emergency Services (AES) is a joint initiative agency of the SAFD and San Andreas Medical Response (SAMR) and comprises of volunteer "Auxiliaries" with call-signs AUX-400 and above. This serves as an addition emergency service agency specialising in rescue and providing additional resources when there is a need of support. This agency has no rank progression, however offers members the same courses and qualifications available to full-time Fire and EMS members. SAN ANDREAS TRAINING CENTER FOR EMERGENCY SERVICES The San Andreas Training Center for Emergency Services (SATCES) comprises of verified SATCES Instructors that, under the direction of the Fire Command and EMS Command, provide and coordinate training for courses available to Fire and EMS crews. The SATCES facility is located at the Humane Labs and Research complex in Blaine County. "SATCES Instructor" is not a rank in the SAFD or SAMR, rather a title in addition to a members individual Department rank. Eligibility to become a SATCES Instructor for Fire and EMS courses is dependent on the Fire Command and EMS Command respectively. SATCES Instructors may specialise in the instruction of one (or more) courses. FIRE DEPARTMENT EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES All Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (FD-EMS) are under the EMS Command and the appropriate leadership from the San Andreas Medical Response. FD-EMS comprises of members of the SAFD which are serving as EMS using provincial agency ambulances and medical appliances. FD-EMS follows the direction of the Fire Lieutenant of Medical Services and EMS Command. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATES Some members of the SAFD, AES, and SAMR may hold additional certificates and qualifications in addition to their basic firefighting courses. These qualifications and their meanings are detailed in our Fire Qualifications page. This thread will continue to be updated with Departmental updates in order to provide both non-members and crews with one source of all Fire and Rescue procedures. Cheers, Assistant Chief Sam Thompson
  13. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ AUXILIARY EMERGENCY SERVICEAGENCY OUTLINE | 26TH JULY 2017 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ It is with pleasure I announce that the San Andreas Fire Department and San Andreas Medical Response launch a new entity of our two organisations, hereby known as the Auxiliary Emergency Services (AES). Under the SAFD Battalion Chief (Head of Operations), the SAFD Fire Captain (Coordinator of Operations), and SAMR Division Manager (Auxiliary) —this entity will serve with the SAFD and SAMR to provide emergency services to those who need it most in the State of San Andreas. This entity comprises of essentially volunteer-like individuals in the community, that, for whatever reason, cannot (or do not wish to) pursue the SAFD or SAMR as their primary department. This will primarily consist of SASP and Public Works community members. These auxiliaries will have access to all the qualifications, certificates and training that full-SAFD/SAMR members have, however with little career progression, enabling them to achieve higher elevated positions in their primary departments. While we are not limiting membership of the AES to members of the community (SASP and Pworks), these people will be highly encouraged to join. The AES gives you the flexibility to acquire the training of Fire/Rescue and/or EMS, so that when SAFD and SAMR are in need of assistance for whatever reason, you have the skills to help us manage the safety and well-being of the public. The application form can be found here. We hope this encourages people who do not wish to have Fire/EMS as their primary department to come-along every now-and-then to provide support and additional services to our full-time guys. Auxiliaries have call-signs 'AUX-400' and above (ie. AUX-401, AUX-402, in ascending order). Cheers, Assistant Chief Sam Thompson
  14. I'd imagine so, however the structure of our Department means that the auxiliarys basically are our equivalent of volunteers in terms of how they operate, and our "volunteers" are actually FD recruits/probationary. Because this volunteer thing was already set up before the Chief and I took office, rather than re-assigning everyone with new call-signs and new titles, we've decided just to call them them auxiliarys. It's a bit confusing at the moment, but once it's introduced fully, they'll be easy to distinguish. :) Thanks for the +1!
  15. Also, if we could get similar for the Paramedic NPC, we'd very much appreciate it. Green colouring with "Auxiliary" text.