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  1. I've edited your forum signature and shortened/removed gaps.

    1. D. Genovese

      D. Genovese

      Why thank you bud!

  2. i have 25 hours

    TOPIC MOVED & LOCKED Do not create topics in the wrong sections (esp. App/Approved) Put some more effort into your question or make it look like, your phrase is creating unnecessary data, which could've been asked via voice
  3. Hey Mikichii,

    Can we schedule my oral police application as soon as possible? You messaged me about doing it on 1/18 or 19th but we didn't connect. Let me know so we can make it happen? Thanks!

  4. TeamSpeak Server is back up.
  5. Please Help

    To be honest, it is happening quite frequently lately. But be assured, our scripters are working on optimizations and new features whenever they can.
  6. Scripts?

  7. Well I'm sorry for lying on my application, my real age is 16 years old. and I act fairly mature on my side. And I honestly really don't know what I could say that could bring beneficial to the community besides I'm great roleplayer.

    1. mikichii


      You're not mature at all. There's nothing fairly today about you. And if you feel being mature or fairly mature on your side only, that's something that's not going to work here. Be honest instead. You'd have a chance here if you would be.