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  1. You started something... Tobi. You started something...
  2. TOPIC MOVED & LOCKED Do not create topics in the wrong sections (esp. App/Approved) Put some more effort into your question or make it look like, your phrase is creating unnecessary data, which could've been asked via voice
  3. I'm glad someone is taking care of this. Keep up the amazing work with this topic @Raymond ! c: *pats your shoulder* good boy cx
  4. I wouldn't mind this at all. It would keep the actual Steam name, still as display for the player information, but still be stated as roleplay name. This would take a little to be implemented since other sections need to be refined for this particular matter.
  5. New Recruits



    Heinrich is now R-82

    dylanperrineg is now R-96

    Flamingaxe191 is now R-17 and also needs CU Permissions.

    All there applications, and interviews were done by me, I just need them updated on the roster. Don't forget to please add Flamingaxe191 to the CU rank in game.

  6. Hey Mikichii,

    Can we schedule my oral police application as soon as possible? You messaged me about doing it on 1/18 or 19th but we didn't connect. Let me know so we can make it happen? Thanks!

  7. As far as I know, we got an user, whenever he's online, running CAD and dispatch for us. I wouldn't mind if you would provide us some pics or anything that catches everyone's attention.
  8. Your unban appeal has been denied for following reason(s): - Did not follow given format/template - Did post in the wrong area __________________________________________________ 01/12/17mikichii
  9. TeamSpeak Server is back up.
  10. I think it also should make a beeping noise in-game for every officer that is on duty as the panic message shows up. And then depending on their last location or instantly showing their location, we could roll there. I don't know if the instant location is too powerful.
  11. Whenever it happens, find it out by joining the TeamSpeak and ask anyone if the server has been restarted (do not constantly bother people with this, this is no exemption to bother people every few minutes or less). Also by trying to join the game server once in a while.
  12. You were temp banned by me due to RDM and RP interference. You were shooting at a traffic accident scenario with an automatic rifle, almost killing everyone there, including me, for no reason. Already before that, you were driving around making non-sense and not roleplaying. The ban lifts upon server restart. Do not repeat such actions.
  13. You are honestly pathetic now. You'll be added to the blacklist. Thanks for today's update.