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  1. Is it still going on?
  2. That ^ reply is just irony at its finest.
  3. I'm glad someone is taking care of this. Keep up the amazing work with this topic @Raymond ! c: *pats your shoulder* good boy cx
  4. I wouldn't mind this at all. It would keep the actual Steam name, still as display for the player information, but still be stated as roleplay name. This would take a little to be implemented since other sections need to be refined for this particular matter.
  5. If I'll find the screenshots, I'll post them regarding September dance.
  6. Have a beautiful camping trip and enjoy it! c:
  7. I'm ded.
  8. You can always take a look in here to see if a server is down or not. http://status.highspeed-gaming.com/ There can be a way to visualize it without exposing confidential information about players, but that needs work on. Can't tell if that could be a thing in the near future.
  9. x'D
  10. New Recruits



    Heinrich is now R-82

    dylanperrineg is now R-96

    Flamingaxe191 is now R-17 and also needs CU Permissions.

    All there applications, and interviews were done by me, I just need them updated on the roster. Don't forget to please add Flamingaxe191 to the CU rank in game.

  11. Hey Mikichii,

    Can we schedule my oral police application as soon as possible? You messaged me about doing it on 1/18 or 19th but we didn't connect. Let me know so we can make it happen? Thanks!

  12. Welcome back buddy! ♥ !
  13. I'll never touch AsRock again, but ASUS is the way to go. Didn't have and still don't have any issue with my Z97 Gaming 5 m/b from MSI. The amount of ASUS m/b's I had, never encountered any issues with them. My MSI board is about over a year now, still, everything intact. Such as my MSI graphics card, no issues at all.
  14. As far as I know, we got an user, whenever he's online, running CAD and dispatch for us. I wouldn't mind if you would provide us some pics or anything that catches everyone's attention.