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  1. HAPPY FESTIVE HOLIDAYS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS, but I am still waiting for my microwaved salad though... Don't forget to get your sweets out of the pair of lesbian shoes above your chimney.
  2. Still pc master race
  3. No one is making any kind of accusations but you right now. To get it straight, if you don't want to be around here, leave, we are definitely not roping you to some kind of HSG-pole and keep you over Christmas. You are free to go wherever you want. Huge accusation at its finest. We are not affiliated with any kind of peers which do DDoS-attacks. Who do you even think would DDoS you. I don't want any groups, I want a certain and only one person that CLEARLY DDoS'd you, which you should probably prove and provide facts with evidence before you make false accusations towards other people and limp out the apparently "big one". Thus it will probably stay limp for a while. Huge premature dick move of you to shitpost in the wrong neighborhood without any kind of a slight thing backing up your theory. This has to be said, and I did it now. If it's not hard to figure out who initiated the DDoS, there's a thing we call... pics or didn't happen. PS: Take a sample of my signature gif. If you'd like to have a civilized conv / discussion, so please start so by yerself. In case there's really a skid hiding in his wacky cave, we'll look further into this.
  4. Missing more lens flares. pls add and i'll scrubscribe
  5. It has no difference but the market itself, MediaMarkt is one shopping business, the other store is another shopping business. They vary the prices how they feel up to. Rockstar North and Rockstar Games work together. It's basically all the same. Just different locations, a slight different name. Rockstar North is in Scotland, Rockstar Games in the United States. Rockstar North is a subsidiary of Rockstar Games. Both are owned by the publisher Take-Two Interactive (like Electronic Arts (EA) or Ubisoft, or Nintendo, these are also publishers, they publish a lot of games, although one or another publisher sux butts)
  6. Why is it so bright af illuminating on the entire pic but not the ground itself lol.
  7. How did you come to the conclusion to name the topic 'Key Bindings' though? Something happened with your macros / key binders?
  8. Disregard the statements above. The server is airing most likely public around 7 o'clock - to 10 o'clock PST from the morning through the early night and with exceptions beyond. After around 4 p.m. Central European Time. Note: It may vary. Have patience if it's not public within the usual openings.
  9. Definitely something to look at when you're on a traffic stop or just in any other kind of roleplay situation.
  10. How are you trying to join? You should be able to join while the server is open for public. For instance, it should say in the name "Open Today" or similar.
  11. Are you talking about this? http://i.imgur.com/hTaAAj3.gif I ditched my artwork from my signature since I thought this is better.
  12. Alright, come back in time, safe and sound!!
    https://youtu.be/Mo4cmTaEDIk?t=2m17s Hit CTRL+ALT+L to toggle PLD.